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Should I IG her??

Im 14 years old guy and a softmore in High-school. Yesterday I went to a dance at one of the girls at my church who is a good friend of mine, (but I'm pretty sure she has a hard crush in me). I ended up going with her, because I felt bad that she didn't have a date. When I walked in apparently everyone knew me (I was talked about allot by this girl I knew) and all the girls flocked to me. While I was there I meat this one girl I really liked, but I only got her IG. I really want to contact her, but I don't have any real connections with her besides my friend that goes to church with me. Should I contact her or nawww?... And if so how do I address it to my friend, or should I just talk to the other girl without getting her involved??? Plz help a brotha out!!!

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    If you want to contact her, go for it. And PLEASE cut it out with that or nawwwww junk. Seriously, its annoying and dumb as hell.

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