Which division in the NFL do you find most entertaining to watch? And which do you find most boring?

For me AFC West is fun.

NFC South bores me to death.

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  • 6 years ago
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    I don't know...

    AFC East I hate the Pats and don't give much of a damn about the rest. I won't be watching TNF live this week

    AFC North Interesting bunch, but not my favorite.

    AFCS - Texans and Colts are fun to watch. Even the browns are going to be a good train wreck

    AFCW - I live in Seattle so I still love these teams.

    NFCE For what has been a terrible division there are great rivalries. Even if daily Cowboy stories get old.

    S - Bucs make it boring but weak AFCE is going to win my hatred here

    N - The Black & Blue is not what it used to be. still some formidable teams at times and good football.

    W - Oh I am biased but this would be the best Division if the Rams were not one of the worst 3 teams in the league this year

    other than my own vested division the AFCWest has the most teams that are fun for me to watch. We still have enough Raider fans around here to make seeing them lose be worth while, if they were even on.

    Apathy prevents me from watching AFC East games to full enjoyment.

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  • Zach
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    6 years ago

    Nfc east is always interesting because you can never really predict who will win the division.

    The most boring for me is probably the afc east. Everyone in that division besides the patriots suck. As long as Tom Brady is quarterback, I seem them winning it every year while the bills Dolphins and jets struggle to get a playoff appearance

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