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WS: What are your thoughts about ECW (1992-2001)?

(IYO) What do you think about these list of ECW Superstars (1992-2001)?

1. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

2. Tommy Dreamer

3. Rob Van Dam

4. Sabu

5. The Sandman

6. Tazz

7. Raven

8. Rhyno

9. The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed)

10. Mikey Whipwreck

11. Lance Storm

12. Mike Awesome

13. Terry Funk

14. Cactus Jack

15. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley)

16. The Public Enemy ("Flyboy" Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge)

17. Masato Tanaka

18. Little Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke

19. Chris Benoit

20. Eddie Guerrero

21. Dean Malenko

22. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

23. Chris Jericho

24. Psicosis

25. Juventud Guerrera

26. Super Crazy

27. Yoshihiro Tajiri

28. Balls Mahoney

29. The New Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten)

30. The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus)

31. Jerry Lynn

32. Chris Candido

33. Bam Bam Bigelow

34. Danny Doring & Roadkill

35. bWo (Stevie Richards, Nova & The Blue Meanie)

36. Justin Credible

37. Al Snow

38. Steve Corino

39. 2 Cold Scorpio

40. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert

41. The Pit Bulls (#1 & #2)

42. Kid Kash

43. Johnny Hotbody

44. Little Spike Dudley

45. Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon

46. J.T. Smith

47. C.W. Anderson

48. Simon Diamond

49. Brian Pillman

50. "Superstar" Steve Austin

What's your opinion about these ECW Superstars and ECW promotion?


BQ: IYO, Which of these was your favorite ECW Wrestlers out of these list?

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    1. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas - Not talented enough to be so full of himself. Paul E.'s most brainwashed pet project

    2. Tommy Dreamer - Dreamer was probably one of the better mainstay workers of ECW, and his feud with Raven is what really put the promotion on the map.

    3. Rob Van Dam - Rob was, in my eyes, Paul E's version of DDP or Bret Hart in that Paul built enough hype around his strengths to hide his weaknesses.

    4. Sabu - Worthless sack of crap. If there were ever such thing as a spot monkey in wrestling, Sabu would be it.

    5. The Sandman - Another worthless sack of crap who got over almost solely on gimmick and entrance music.

    6. Tazz - Tazz is in the same boat as RVD as far as I'm concerned. Never got the in-ring hype of Tazz. He can throw a suplex, sure, but back when he was the bees knees of the bingo hall, he couldn't string a match together to save his life.

    7. Raven - One of the most underrated talents and creative minds in wrestling.

    8. Rhyno - Rhyno put me to mind of Dr. Death Steve Williams, just a stick of dynamite wrapped in a small package. Good worker and a bit underrated for promo work.

    9. The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed) - Good gimmick, and I'm too afraid of New Jack to say anything negative about the guy.

    10. Mikey Whipwreck - A brilliantly booked gimmick surrounding a fan turned crash pad.

    11. Lance Storm - I liked the Impact Players, but I think Lance is severely overhyped for his in-ring prowess.

    12. Mike Awesome - Awesome big man wrestler. His bouts with Masato Tanaka should be more legendary than they are already.

    13. Terry Funk - A true veteran in every sense of the word.

    14. Cactus Jack - A personal hero of mine, and a great gimmick.

    15. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley) - Wonderful heels with the best tag team finish in history.

    16. The Public Enemy ("Flyboy" Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge) - Didn't care for them at all

    17. Masato Tanaka - Great worker, see Mike Awesome.

    18. Little Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke - Great worker with a look that fit it. All of Storm's indi praisers should be bowing to the Sicilian Grappler instead.

    19. Chris Benoit - Never really think of Benoit as an ECW guy. Sure, he had his cup o' coffee there, but of all of the talented workers coming up on the list, Benoit really wasn't ECW to me ever.

    20. Eddie Guerrero - Awesome worker, and like Benoit, spent a short time in ECW, but unlike Benoit, I think Eddie and Malenko made an impact.

    21. Dean Malenko - Pretty much the same as Eddie.

    22. Rey Mysterio, Jr. - I give Konnan crap for a lot, and deservedly so for a majority of his work and career, but he may be the biggest reason we have lucha in the states solely based on the fact that he sent us Rey-Rey and his new wave high flying style.

    23. Chris Jericho - I put him on par with Benoit when it comes to impact on ECW

    24. Psicosis - Pretty much the same as Rey.

    25. Juventud Guerrera - Did Juvi work ECW? Wow, probably under the mask, I guess. I guess the same as Psicosis and rey.

    26. Super Crazy - I like Super Crazy. He should have been the one pushed with the momentum of Sabu considering his crazy style and ability to work.

    27. Yoshihiro Tajiri - Always liked Tajiri.

    28. Balls Mahoney - Balls is like Bizarro Dusty Rhodes to me. I know it's weird to say that Balls had psychology, but he knew how to work a match to get the crowd invested.

    29. The New Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten) - Like Axl, hate Ian, but not for ECW really.

    30. The Eliminators (Perry Saturn & John Kronus) - Cool tag team.

    31. Jerry Lynn - Carried RVD's sorry stoner *** through some classics.

    32. Chris Candido - Undervalued workhorse

    33. Bam Bam Bigelow - One of, if not the, most impressive big man wrestlers in the history of wrestling.

    34. Danny Doring & Roadkill - Such a strange odd couple tag team, but they weren't half bad.

    35. bWo (Stevie Richards, Nova & The Blue Meanie) - Love me some Big Stevie Cool

    36. Justin Credible - Not a bad worker, but a real weird looking cat. Wasn't suited to become the heir apparent to ECW

    37. Al Snow - great worker with a silly cult gimmick that got over well enough for Foley to steal it

    38. Steve Corino - For being Mr. Anti-Hardcore, he sure has a gashed up forehead. Still enjoy me some Corino.

    39. 2 Cold Scorpio - Great worker, innovative too.

    40. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert - I don't consider him ECW in the sense of being Hardcore, but Hot Stuff was awesome. Great worker, energetic promos, and one of the few things that made GWF watchable.

    41. The Pit Bulls (#1 & #2) - A bit overhyped in my opinion, but good gimmick.

    42. Kid Kash - I didn't really start following Kash until TNA, but I always liked his work, but both politically and in-ring, he tends to be a mini-Bob Holly.

    43. Johnny Hotbody - Not familiar enough to comment.

    44. Little Spike Dudley - good worker who served well as a crash pad rag doll for the Dudley Boyz

    45. Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon - Don't know enough to comment

    46. J.T. Smith - Don't remember enough to comment

    47. C.W. Anderson - I like CW Anderson. One of the first of many fake Andersons in wrestling. Probably not the best one, but a good worker.

    48. Simon Diamond - I like Simon Diamond. Good talker, great look, should've been more than a tag worker in my opinion.

    49. Brian Pillman - Legendary.

    50. "Superstar" Steve Austin - A great take on Foley's old schtick of wanting Eric Bischoff to take him back mixed with his old Hollywood Blondes shtick. Certainly had a lot of raw potential back then.

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    Ecw Roster 2001

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    1. Shane Douglas-Underrated wrester, has too much of an attitude probably why he never made it in WWE except for the forgettable Dean Douglas gimmick in 1995.

    2. Tommy Dreamer-Comes off in interviews and on TV as one of the true good guys of wrestling. I'm not a huge fan of hardcore wrestling but I am a fan of Dreamer.

    3. Rob Van Dam-Probably was set to dethrone Rhino as ECW World Heavyweight Champion if ECW hadn't ceased operations. To this day still a talented worker.

    4. Sabu-The innovator of so many high flying moves. So many people have used variations of his moves over the years and he will never get enough credit because he wasn't on as big of a stage as say The Hardys or Rey Mysterio and by the time he did make it to a big stage people had already seen his moves.

    5. The Sandman-TERRIBLE WRESTLER. Awesome character though and really was the embodiment of the ECW attitude. Had the awesome entrance and awesome theme song and boy did the crowd love him.

    6. Taz-I liked his work in ECW. Wasn't as big of a fan of his work in WWE or as announcer.

    7. Raven-Wrestling genius. Has so many good ideas when it comes to wrestling and that was shown in ECW with his feuds with Dreamer and The Sandman. Wish WWE would sign him to their creative team he's someone that could write good PG shows.

    8. Rhino-Always been one of my favorites. I will admit that he's not the greatest wrestler out there but there's something about him that just draws me in.

    9. The Gangstas-Though New Jack gives awesome shoot interviews I cannot bring myself to like somebody who takes his liberties with other wrestlers. What he did to Mass Transit and Vic Grimes was completely inexcusable. I don't know much about Mustafa except that he was New Jack's partner.

    10. Mikey Whipwreck-Wish he could have made it in WWE or TNA post ECW. I liked the work he did with Tajiri and The Sinister Minister during the last year of ECW and really liked his underdog story of 1994-95 becoming Triple Crown Champion in less than a year.

    11. Lance Storm-I have never found him boring. I liked the Impact Players and anyone who didn't realize his WCW "boring" gimmick was intended is an idiot and I think Chris Jericho used that as his inspiration for his monotone heel gimmick in 2008.

    12. Mike Awesome-Wrestling needs more big guys like this instead of slow, plodding bruisers.

    13. Terry Funk-LEGEND!

    14. Cactus Jack-Mick F"N Foley, how can you not love this guy whether he's the deranged Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love, or just Mick he's given everything to wrestling including his well being.

    15. The Dudley Boys-Always have been my favorite tag team.

    16. The Public Enemy-While The Dudleys may be my favorite all time tag team these guys are the true innovators of the tables.

    17. Masato Tanaka-Another wrestler I've always liked wish he could have made it onto WWE television somehow. I am so glad I got to see him this year at the WrestleCon Supershow during WrestleMania weekend.

    18. The FBI was fun.

    19. Chris Benoit-Such a good worker, shame about the last days of his life though.

    20. Eddie Guerrero-Wish he was still alive.

    21. Dean Malenko-One of the best cruiserweights from WCW.

    22. Rey Mysterio-My very first favorite wrestler.

    23. Chris Jericho-Has become a legend.

    24, 25. Psicosis, Juventud Guerrera-Were an awesome addition along with Rey Mysterio to the ECW roster in 1995 when Heyman brought the Luchadores to the states. ECW helped them get their foot in the door at WCW.

    26-27. One of the best in-ring series in ECW had Super Crazy and Tajiri they had their first ECW PPV match together and even had some great 3-Ways with Jerry Lynn and Little Guido who they had countless classics with including the final ECW PPV where they added their tag partners to the mix. Crazy and Tajiri also wrestled each other on the final two shows in January 2001 In Poplar Bluff, MO and Pine Bluff, AR.

    28-29. I preferred Balls & Axl as the Hardcore Chair Swingin Freaks than Axl and Ian as the Bad Breed (not the New Breed).

    30. The Eliminators-This was a good tag team broken up when Saturn left for WCW.

    31. Jerry Lynn-Put on so many classics in ECW with Rob Van Dam and was on the verge of becoming a top name in wrestling when ECW went under in 2001. Wish he could have found more success in WWE but he did end up finding success in TNA where he was a pioneer of the X-Division and ROH where he became champion in 2009.

    32. Chris Candido-One of probably two wrestlers I would bring back from the dead (the other being Owen Hart) since his death wasn't brought on by a self-destructive lifestyle. Shame he was a faithful lover to a whore.

    33. Bam Bam Bigelow-Shame that what he will be remembered most for in his career will be losing to Lawrence Taylor at WrestleMania 11 becuse he was a good talent.

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  • I watch the past ECW Pay Per Views on the WWE Network

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