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is not virat kohli afailure?

virat kohili has been scoring singles for a long time now .Is it not necessary to replace him with a better batsman?who is behind kohili?

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    Not a failure,but an inveigled accolade.Not to be eluded or wound up in a criteria of extensive complexity,Virat Kohli omits to apprehend the context and is what we say "out of form".

    Dealing with fitness plights and and a temperament dilemma,Virat Kohli is not that low.One might consider him a batsman of talents,after surveying his past records and performances.

    If I remit,I first saw Kohli in a light of awe and great flair.This was merely 2 or 3 years ago.They were in this tangled up complicated match against Sri Lanka.Sri Lanka had given them a target of 300+ and it was stated the must accomplish the target in no less than 40 overs,if they would want to succeed to the next pool.

    Now what unfurled was highly exhilarating.Sachin Tendulkar,accosted with his decrepit friend Virender Sehwag were quickly stacking up the runs at an hectic pace.While a misfortune in the form of Tendulkar and Sehwag's wicket took place,we had Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan to the crease.Kohli started with an astonishing foundation and continued to oppose his favorite opposition until he put up to the required repercussion.

    Not only did he get he win the match for India,he also scored a ton and won the hearts of several fans of the cricket universe.

    But aforesaid,he is not wholly a failure but still a competent batsman and an asset for India,nonetheless.

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    How can you say that virat kohli is a failure.He has so many wonderful things to indian cricket and yet you are saying he is failure.He is just having rough in his career and that patch every cricketer has gone and he will comeback greatly.

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    virat kohli is not in form...this is the major problem with indian team and board...when the player is not in the form they replace him with another one...due to this,india has loss some of world-class players like irfan,gambir,sehwag,yuvraj...but we[aussies]never do this...once we found if the player has that much of capacities , we lead him to play,definately one day he proove that , how much he is worth? take some aussies who's performance in earlier stage is not good but see know how they are playing,watson,smith,huges,pattinson,johnson....virat kohli is one of the best player in modern day cricket , so i personally feel he has that capability to be in indian team, ms will decide to lead him down they order,raina is in good form may be he comes at NO-3 for india.......


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    Virat Kholi is a great player But he is totaly selfish and jealous himself

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    Its on average

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    he is a classic player

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    hope he plays well on friday

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