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Canada CEC university program lenght problem?

Hi guys,i have a very inportant question now.I want to learn in the British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT),Digital Animation program.After graduation i want to work there and gain experience,after that i apply for CEC program for Permanent residency.But with the new changes recently,CEC requires students to have atleast 2 years of education in university,college....But the program i want to learn in BCIT last 1 year,so with that program lenght then how can i earn permanent residency through CEC?Any solution?Or are there any other programs which i can join?And also how long will my Post graduate work permit last after i graduate from BCIT?

BCIT now offer the lowest tuition fee to me and offer the program i want to learn,plus,i want to live in Vancouver so i only learn in Vancouver,other school in Vancouver cost too much a year so BCIT is now the best option.

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    Not likely.

    First, a one-year program is next to useless in Canada. If only finish a one year program, you can only work in Canada for a maximum of one year -- even if you qualify for a post graduate work permit which most one year programs to not.

    Second, if your program is less than two years, you can only apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit up to the length of time you were in Canada. If that program is only 8 months long, you can't work in Canada long enough to apply for permanent residency. Even if it is a full year... you'd literally have to have to have a qualifying job waiting for you when you graduate.

    Third, in order to apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class, you must have worked in Canada full-time for at least one year in a type 0, A, or B profession. These are doctors, engineers, nurses, specialized trades, senior managers, etc. No one year technical degree will qualify you for any of these jobs.

    Forth, the Experience Class is still a competition. Canada only accepts 8,000 applicants and only 200-300 per qualifying profession. Applicants are ranked based on education, work experience, language skills, etc. It is pointless trying to apply with a one year diploma and only one year of work experience, since there is almost assuredly going to be far more applicants than Canada will allow in and most will have with four year degrees (or masters/PhDs), and ten or more years of work experience.

    Unless you are planning on completing at least a four year degree, and in something in demand in Canada (pharmacist, nursing, engineer, business, etc.) or an extremely specialized trade skill (industrial electrician, mechanic, pipe fitter, etc.) and work in Canada for many years, there is no hope of successfully applying through the Canadian Experience Class.

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    You can't do it that way. Study visas are non immigrant only. You won't qualify for PR status with no work experience and animation is not a job in demand. You will have to go home and get experience. Study visas are very clear - you come and study, enjoy your time here and GO HOME. Unless you have an advanced degree in the STEMs, there isn't a chance you will qualify under the CEC program.

  • MadMan
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    No, you cannot do this. The idea is for you complete your studies and hen leave Canada. I do not think that animation is a skill for which you can emigrate to Canada.

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