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I'm shopping fo a GOOD quality vacuum cleaner. What can be my options?

I'm shopping for a Good-quality vacuum cleaner for my home.

I'm replacing the worn-out bagless / upright Dirt Devil(r) unit that my sister bought for me sometime ago. <-I find that this unit simply does not CLEAN as well as I want / need it with the suction pulling-in from the side of the beater-brush. (I find that this unit only "cleans" in 2-inch lines at the intake-side of the brush-head. :-(

Considering my shopping (location) options and unit brands; I find HOOVER, DIRT DEVIL, and SHARK at my Wally World at a price-range of $49.00 -> 285.00

I am considering to also shop / browse at my local KIRBY location.

Am I correct to presume that a vacuum cleaner with suction from the Center of the brush-head cleans better than a unit that pulls from the side - or should I expect a unit with a stronger brush-head to clean my carpet and tile surfaces better?

And how VALUABLE is a detachable hand-held pipe to my new vacuum cleaner when I have no indoor upholstery?

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    7 years ago
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    I've been pretty disappointed with the newer vacuums on the market, especially with the Dyson line that seems to favor form over function. Even if they were an exemplary vacuum - and they're no better than merely "fair" - that wouldn't justify the outlandish price.

    At my work I use Sanitaire vacuums. These are sturdy, no-nonsense uprights built to the same old design as the Eureka upright bagged style that was so prominent from the 1960s right up until Eureka was bought out by Electrolux in the late 1990s. Sanitaire still builds them to the exact same design - parts made in 1970 will fit certain models built the day before yesterday - and to a level of reliability not easily met by other, more "modern" vacuum cleaners.

    Really, how modern is it if the damned thing only works for a year and breaks? No thanks.

    I have Sanitaire vacuums in daily use (used by homeless tenants in the shelter where I'm the handyman) that have been here for as long as ten years. Ten years of use by homeless volunteers, if that doesn't point up how tough and reliable these things are, well, I don't know what else possibly could.

    Sanitaire SC series. Belts are about $2.50 for a pack of two. Bags are $10 for a pack of ten. New motors can be had. New housings, new beater bars, new wheels, new everything. You can build a new one just from the available parts; I had a bearing melt in my 18-month-old Eureka and it was No Longer Available in the parts catalog! Can you imagine? Bonkers. That was when I decided any new vacuum was simply not worth its purchase price, and bought a 30 year old Filter Queen. That was five years ago, the FQ still works great. I might add, every part for that FQ is still available as a repair part from FQ. You won't see that for new vacuums, no way. They're treated as disposable, where's the economy in that?

    Anyway, new Sanitaires are available from Amazon, and the prices are very reasonable, often cheaper than the fancy plastic worthless vacuums from Walmart, while being much more reliable.


    You can find brand new Sanitaire SC series on Amazon for $100-150. They aren't good for upholstery or drapes, but my canister-type Filter Queen, which has a big long hose as part of its design, never gets used for that, either. So don't sweat the absence of a hose.

    Good luck with it.

  • Anna E
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    7 years ago

    The Dirt Devils are not a particularly good vacuum cleaner. I bought a Hoover Turbo Max with Cyclonic action several months ago and it does a great job BUT it was too heavy for me to use. My daughter took it up stairs and uses it and loves it. I have a basement apartment, so I bought a smaller, lighter weight Eureka brand that works very well. When I made my decision, I got on, and some other sites and read reviews on the vacuums and then bought the ones with the better ratings. I have not been disappointed.

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    Originally my wife and I owned a bissel that we got from Target for $279 and we were so disappointed! It fell apart and we ended up throwing it away after 18 months. We owned this when we lived in a 800sq foot apartment and didn't have Kids yet so we only needed to clean 1-2 times a month.

    We ended up getting a Dyson DC40 about 4 years ago. I know there are newer model now, but let me tell you!!!! This is a great vacuum! Now we have a 2400sq foot home with 2 kids and use this almost daily! It was been dropped down the stairs, has gotten wet, been kicked and even used to clean up renovation messes! It's very durable and easy to empty and clean!

    This is the exact one we bought.

    We were so impressed that about 18 months ago when we came across the DC 35 cordless Dyson we bought it! This is also very durable! My young daughters use it, it has been dropped many many times and it works great to clean out the cars as well....

    This exact one we bought.

    Dyson has been the best vacuum that I've ever owned, good luck!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Royal (they look old fashioned) but are very quality. You need to look online, they are not sold at places like Target or Home Depot.

    Similar in quality is Oreck, they are also not sold in typical stores. Both start at around $200 or $250.

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    7 years ago

    Dyson DC65

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