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Spanish is a language spoken by millions of people in many countries so of course there are differences in pronunciation, vocabulary etc and the Spanish spoken in Spain (which in fact also differs according to the region) is not exactly the Spanish spoken in Latin America.

My question is about specific examples where I have noticed some differences - for example the word 'yo' (I) which in Spain is pronounced 'io'. In this old song performed by an Argentinian singer you can hear that he clearly pronounces the word in a different way - it sounds like 'Jo/Go' so I wonder whether this is something typical of 'Argentinian' Spanish (the songs starts around 00:46):

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Same is for example with the word 'ayer' which I have being pronounced like 'ajer/ager' by Argentinians.

Another example with the word 'estrella' (star), again a song with the same Argentinian singer, at 02:17 he sings 'y tengo una estella en el cielo', however, 'estrella' sounds like 'estregga' or something similar:

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I wanted to ask whether this specific way of pronouncing some words (like 'yo', 'ayer', 'estrella') is typical of Argentinian or can be also witnessed in other Latin American countries? And are there people in Spain who would talk like that or it's only in Argentina/Latin America? Thanks!

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  • Esther
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    6 years ago
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    The main difference in pronuntation between Spanish from Spain and Spanish from Latinamerica is that in Spain we pronounce: ce=the and ci=thi, while in Latinamerica they pronounce ce=se and ci=si.

    Although every Latinamerican country has it's own accent.

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  • RE
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    6 years ago

    Yes, it is typical of Argentine Spanish but is also heard in inland Peru, Bolivia and especially Paraguay.

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