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What are the chances of Taiwan becoming an independent country?

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    7 years ago
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    ROC Taiwan is a sovereign country. ROC Taiwan is not in UN because PRC is blocking it. Even for Taiwan's signing of free trade agreement with Australia and Malaysia, PRC threatens them not to do it until PRC approves. Years ago, PRC asks others not to mix politics or human rights with trade. PRC itself doesn't honor what they ask of others.

    Taiwan's official name is ROC. ROC Taiwan has:

    a. Its own sovereignty and territories; and national identity.

    b. Its own people/citizens: 23 million people. In addition, there are 500K foreign workers of all different nationalities working and living in Taiwan.

    c. Its own government - legislative branch, judicial branch, and executive branch. People elect its own government officials - both central and local level.

    d. Its own military force. There are 200K active duty, and 1.6M in reserve.

    e. Its own taxes and economy. ROC Taiwan's GDP per capita PPP in 2012 is $39,400.

    f. Makes and enforces its own constitutions and laws.

    g. Issues its own passport and grant visa to foreign visitors and workers, etc. ROC Taiwan passport holders can visit 140 countries in the world without needing to acquire for a visitor's visa.

    h. Its own central bank and its own currency. (TWD)

    i. Its own foreign relationship and diplomacy (signs treaty with other countries.) ROC Taiwan has official diplomatic relations with 22 countries, including the Vatican. ROC Taiwan also signd fishing agreement with Japan. There has been FTA with New Zealand.

    j. ROC Taiwan is a full democracy. People in Taiwan enjoy freedom and human rights.

    k. Taiwan is a member of many international organizations, and NGO.

    Taiwan is important because:

    . There is Taiwan Relations Act and it's US law.

    . ROC Taiwan has long term relationship with US. Flying Tigers during WWII, U2 Black Cat Squadron during Korean war time, part of logistic area during Vietnam war era, modern days' PAVE PAWS radar, etc., just to name a few. During recent years up to 2014, Taiwan's F16s were sent up to intercept PRC's fighter jets who were "shadowing" US Navy plane.

    . Taiwan is a full democracy. People in Taiwan enjoy freedom and human rights. PRC is totalitarian country, with worst human right records - including forced abortion, forced labor camp, forced live human organs harvest and kills, just to name a few.

    . When a war breaks out at Taiwan Strait, there will be worldwide shortage of computer and electronic components.

    . During war time, Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel will be war zone. These are key shipping channels that are critical to Korea and Japan.

    . If Taiwan is lost, Taiwan Strait became inner sea channel of PRC's. Oil and cargo route for Korea and Japan can be blocked.

    . Japan is surrounded from its West and South. East China sea and South China sea will be firmly in PRC's control.

    . US' Guam is immediately challenged as Taiwan has good navy ports, airports, etc.


    In early 197x, PRC was very poor and was at the end of their Cultural Revolution. People suffered from CCP and red guard persecution. Traditional culture was denounced. Many historical artifacts and buildings were destroyed. Economy was in shamble.

    PRC however, gave Albania (a new communist state) large sum of foreign aids. Albania in turn, lead the effort of getting PRC into UN. All communist states went along, together with Brits and French voted for PRC. US didn't have enough votes to keep ROC Taiwan within UN (ROC was one of the original founders of UN).

    To this day, PRC is still spending a lot of money buying influences around the world - easy to see things including CCTV4, CCTV7, ICN TV, newspaper, Confucius schools/institutes, Chinese culture clubs, 50-cents propaganda army, etc. This is their tax payers' money. Their own poor kids can't afford going to school and their regular people can't afford getting sick.

    While PRC CCP grab power/money, persecuting its own people, and spend money on foreign propaganda, many international NGO including good folks in Taiwan have been donating to building hundreds of Hope Schools in PRC. What an irony?

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    7 years ago

    Taiwan is an independent country

    Must be an Obama supporter

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    7 years ago

    I think you and others are confusing Taiwan with Hong Kong. Hong Kong is where the protests are. Taiwan is and always has been an independent country.

  • 7 years ago

    Taiwan has independence, but China refuses to acknowledge it.

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    7 years ago

    Taiwan is too tiny to be a VIABLE independent country and poroperly belongs to China, as do Japan, Korea, and all Asia. No-one will care if they time it right because WE will be extre,mely busy dealing with the Jihad which China is financing by paying the Terrorists to kill off the African Elephant for its ivory. They want the Elephant EXTINCT to drive up the price of a finite ivory supply and to finance the Jihad so that US will be too busy to object tot heir annexation of all Asia. IF they time it right they will suceed;however, if they ignore certain principles of Sun Tzu they will FAIL.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Depends on what the People want and how badly they want it ... if their government does not ... it could be a long, bloody, deadly battle !

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