What makes the difference between younger men's fragrances and older/mature men's fragrances?

I mean, which kind of smell it should have? for esamplre, older people wear stronger colognes, or young people wear fresh fragrances...usually i see teens using stronger deodorants such as Lynx/Axe...but somebody told me stronger fragrances are for older/mature people... i'm confused!

I'm refeering to every product "for males" that has a fragrance : aftershave, eau de toilette, deodorant..

I'm talking about male perfumes, so everything from aftershave, to eau de toilette, deodorant

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  • 6 years ago
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    I think the difference is that a younger guy's scent is less musky than an older man's and it should have more spice in it if it is sporty. It also works to smell more clean than expensive and musky, which is what a lot of older colognes smell like. A good example of this is Old Spice deodorant/body sprays- my dad uses Pure Sport, a very clean, slightly musky, not very spicy scent and my brother uses Lionpride, a more spicy, sporty scent with less musk and more spice.

    I hope that was understandable!

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