In Dexter, was Arthur Mitchell in love with his sister, Vera?


His obsession with his deceased sister really odd. Before she died, he peeped at her bathing. After she died, he carried her ashes everywhere with him, etc.

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    I suspect the peeping was probably just typical young male curiosity, although he may have had some latent sexual attraction to her. His real obsession began when he accidentally killed her in the bathtub (she broke the shower door glass, when he startled her, and bled to death). He felt responsible for her death, which probably had some element of sexual guilt as well, given that he was spying on her at the time.

    He also felt responsible for the subsequent meltdown of his family, that resulted from his sister's death. His mother killed herself, his father became an abusive drunk, and he... well, we know what happened to him.

    Hence, his obsession with becoming the perfect family man - recreating the imagined happy family that he never had (thanks in part to his own misbehavior). And keeping his sister's memory alive (e.g. the ashes) was probably just overcompensation for causing her death.

    His ritual kills began as a bloody way to commemorate those brutal memories and deal with his guilt & grief - killing women in the bathtub (representing his sister), forcing women to commit suicide (like his mother), getting himself beaten up and bludgeoning men with hammers (representing punishment for his father), and finally killing young boys (representing himself as a child).

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    I think he was just a psycho, but he didn't see it. I remember there was an episode where his son called him out on it, and he didn't react in any odd way

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