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Rubbing alcohol on nose piercing bump? I already took put the piercing?

About a month ago I got my nose pierced and everything was fine the place was extremely clean but 2weeks after I got a pimple looking bump around the nose piercing. I have tried everything sea salt soaks, advil paste nothing is working. So I decided to try and pop it, both pus and blood came out but however the bump did not go down it just looked worse. I have now had this bump for two weeks and this morning the piercing fell out (i had an L shaped ring not a corkscrew, it often fell out) so I decided I will get it repierced when it's healed with a 14k white gold stud because maybe The jewelry also contributed to the bump. However I still need to get rid of this bump quick. I know you're not supposed to use alcohol on the piercing but it is already out should I soak it in alcohol? Please tell me the quickest way to get rid of it, it shouldn't take that long since the piercing is already out and i only got it pierced a month ago. I would like for The bump to go down some before Monday

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    For my bump I had to use steroid cream, mine was infected like yours, so first I got the infection out. If you can get a steroid cream that is acceptable for this issue, you can most likely get it to go down completely in two weeks. I was able to anyway.

    If you do decide to do so, put the cream on the bump once in the morning and once at night

    Just know it can thin your skin if you overdo it, so once it's gone don't put it on it anymore.

    But i'm just telling you, for me it helped a HUGE bump on my nose go away completely!

    Source(s): I have a nose piercing and had the bump myself.
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    use something less harsh like peroxide, other than that you cant force something to go away like that its probably a scar, and will take a few weeks

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