Okay, okayy, Ok, K, Okaay... which one is worse?

What do they mean to you and which would you say are worse

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    6 years ago
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    K- either the person is too lazy/doesn't care enough about you to type OK (the standard assumption) or maybe they're just in a hurry. Or their O key is broken. Or maybe they're texting the symbol for potassium. Or maybe they're doing that weird thing my friend does when she texts you a random letter of the alphabet.

    Ok- The usual response, but it could also mean OK, the abbreviation for Oklahoma. Or maybe they're lazy but don't want to seem like a dick by just typing K.

    Okay- Generally the same as Ok, unless they're referring to Okay Restaurant (I'm not kidding, there's a restaurant called Okay Restaurant---not Good or Spectacular but just Okay)

    Okaay/Okayy- probably that person is either in love with you, or perhaps they are a stupid teenager who can't spell a simple word like Okay. Or maybe they didn't move their fingers fast enough so they are left with unintended double letters. Or maybe an alien has moved into that person's phone and forced certain letters to duplicate automatically.

    Never jump to conclusions. Always understand that there are multiple possibilities for why a text was worded/spelled the way it was. This applies for other life situations as well.

  • 6 years ago

    (In order from worst to best)

    K- I don't care stop talking to me

    Ok- just responding so they know you got the message

    Okay- same thing

    Okaay/Okayy- I want to keep the conversation going but I don't know what to say

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