Why do guys always stop talking to me?

So a little about me. I'm a 16 year old girl, im 5'3" about 123 pounds (muscle barely any fat) and im a 34D and have a small waist and muscular thighs. I'd consider myself petite. Guys always tell me im pretty and hot. Alright so there's some stuff about me. Ok so in the summer this guy and I started talking. We hungout and that night he texted me and said im beautiful and all this stuff. He slowly stopped texting me and he doesn't even talk to me now, but for that week in the summer he was like obsessed with me! I really like him but it's whatever I guess:( ALL guys do this to me. They say I'm so hot, talk to me for about a week or two, then suddenly stop and ignore me. Why is this? If I'm apparently "sexy and gorgeous" why don't they want to talk to me? I'm so confused. And don't say I'm full of myself because im not, I'm just saying what people tell me. Thanks

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  • 6 years ago

    I as well as other guys but not all have a rule of thumb, if you keep getting a reply of "k" or "lol" and nothing else...stop talking to her. We (as guys) hate putting out 100% of the effort. Go back through the text and see how many times you contacted him first, how many times you only replied with "lol" or "k" and you'll see how hard it was for them to keep the conversation going for the guy.

    Did you put out any effort to keep the conversation going? How many times did you contact him first? (guys love when a girl can text them first or keep the conversation going with out us doing all the work) If you answer is a low number...they lost interest in you and that's something you may need to work on. A resolution to all this and for everyone who solely text messages everyone...it's called a phone call.

    A phone call is 75% of you phone bill...I suggest you use it. When you are on the phone with someone there are no awkward pauses or "why doesn't he/she text back" concerns. Why? It's all done in real time.

    A second reason, as you state you are good looking...they might have found out that after X amount of days talking to you they think they are going to get sex but end up not getting any. I advise, don't give it up. Wait for the right guy who'll wait for you and like you for you and not for your looks.

    ...just a few thoughts.

  • Ole
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    6 years ago

    Maybe you were responding vaguely and he thought you are not interested or might be he have better options.

  • 6 years ago


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