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I got an F in Latin and I'm scared?

Let me start by saying i'm homeschooled. I take this stupid online Latin class with a horrible teacher that we literally just read latin sentences, sometimes translate few words and then go over the homework which is just filling in the blanks. The teacher is really unhelpful and usually just talks about things unrelated to Latin and goes over our homework.If we're 30 seconds late for class we get a status of "tardy" and our grade goes down. Well today, i got my grade for a quiz and i got a 55.5 which is an F. The school/teacher don't care because we have two quizzes a week but i'm afraid to tell my mom because anything under a B+ is unacceptable in our house. Before this my worst grade was 79. Other kids in my class have gotten as many as 4 F's but for me i just know i'll get in HUGE trouble with my mom, even though i worked hard.


Thanks Christine, but what do i do with the situation with my mom?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I'm homeschooled too! I used to take Latin, but I took it at home with a textbook & DVD set.

    First of all, be humble. Don't be defensive/accusatory, or lose your temper, etc. Trust me, I know from experience...that does NOT help.

    I've gotten really bad grades in school before, too, and most of the time it was my own fault, not the teacher's. But even if you've got a horrible teacher, I think it's probably still possible for you to make better grades on your own, am I right? Try studying the Latin material on your own, getting the vocab. words down till you know them well. I use Quizlet for this purpose -- It's a really awesome studying website that has a bunch of different types of studying tools to help you memorize and test yourself on whatever you need.

    Also, if there's something you're not understanding in class, ask! Even if the teacher is awful, he/she likely does know something about it and should be able to help you. That's what they're getting paid for! If their teaching is causing a legitimate problem, talk to your mom about it. I mean, if that's actually a good reason for why you got a bad grade. But if it's really just 'cause you didn't dedicate yourself enough to study -- I'm not being accusatory here, I do it myself! -- like I said, try to be humble & admit you should've tried harder. And do it!

    Hope this helps. :) If you need more help, there's probably someway to message/reply to me on this thing...


    Okay so I just saw what somebody else's reply was, about Latin being a waste of time, homeschooling is bad, etc... um, I politely disagree! I used to hate latin and complain about it all the time, but now I like to think I've matured, and while it IS a dead language and seems like it's not much use to anybody, it actually can be, because it's the root of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and other languages! There's a lot of English words that come from it too. Even though I'm not taking Latin anymore, I'm doing Spanish & Portuguese now and it is a huge help because some of the words are so similar it's easy to remember, because of all those vocab. words I had to memorize. Also, we do NOT all belong in public schools--we belong wherever our parents want to put us to get the best education we can. Not trying to get into an argument here, but the public education system is evidently pretty messed up and I'm glad I'm not in it!

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    • Elizabeth6 years agoReport

      Thanks! I just don't know how to explain/tell my mom and get her to understand.

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  • Sum
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Well....... luckily....... you'll never need Latin for anything. It's a complete waste of time. In 30 minutes of intense study, you could learn the few Latin words you'd ever need and retain them better than if you took years of Latin.

    And see if you can get out of the home schooled thing and into public school where you belong.

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  • Lili
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    6 years ago

    Sounds like you'll have to study the grammar on your own. Buckle down, then, because Latin grammar requires a fair amount of rote memorization.

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