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What is the sequence of the steps to be taken on the airport from the outside of the airport till the landing in the final destination

I mean 1st security check , then the counter open then go to gate, boarding, gate closed, last call, etc..., I know I missed a lot of steps and maybe the order is wrong as well, so I want to know the detailed steps if you can be nice enough to help me

If you can include if the flight contain a transit station in the middle

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    1. Enter the airport at the terminal for your airline (at small airports, they are all in the same place; large airports might have a different terminal for different airlines - it will be well-marked).

    2. Go to the airline counter. This is where you can check in (unless you did that online) and check your bags (if you have any that you are checking, to be stowed under the plane).

    3. Go to security. You will show your boarding pass (which you get when you check in, either online or at the counter) and your ID. Take off your shoes and outerwear and place them on the belt for scanning, go through the body scanner yourself, and pick up your things on the other end.

    4. Go to your gate. This will be marked on the boarding pass. You can also check electronic monitors if you need to. Directions to the gates are clearly marked.

    5. Board your plane. Your plane will likely start boarding about 30 minutes prior to departure. The door will likely close 10 minutes prior to departure, and you cannot board after that point. If they are about to close the door and someone who is checked in has not boarded, they *might* make a call over the PA system. They will not hold the plane.

    6. Get in your seat and enjoy the flight.

    7. Get off the plane at your connection airport, and find the gate for your next flight. This should also be on your boarding pass, but you can again check the monitors. You should not have to pass through security again unless you inadvertently leave the secure area (which is hard to do).

    8. Repeat the steps above to board your next flight.

    9. When you arrive at your destination, follow the signs to baggage claim and ground transportation. This is where you can pick up a checked bag, and where you can meet anyone who is picking you up or get yourself a ride to where you are going.

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      It really depends. I would plan to be at your gate 30 minutes in advance, to be safe. But it could take a while to get through security (that depends on the airport, the time of day, etc.) and can also take a little while to get to your gate. I would be in the security line at least 1 hr before.

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    Airport check in desk/self check in kiosk

    Security screening

    Alcohol consumption portal

    Boarding gate

    Preboarding crippled, children and important people

    General boarding

    Jet bridge



    Preboarding announcements

    final boarding call

    push back from gate

    Taxi to runway

    Takeoff roll



    Climbing to altitude

    Cruising altitude

    Flight attendant attitude

    In service beverage/meal service maybe...

    Mile high club (Google it)




    Customs (if applicable )

    Baggage claim

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