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I couldn't understand the meaning of the sentence. How can I say it differently?

I imagine we’ve had some amazing adventures together.

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    The sentence does not make sense, which is why you cannot understand it. A person cannot say that HE imagines HE has had some amazing adventures -- with someone else or alone -- because HE was there and would know whether or not such adventures were amazing.

    One might say to two or more other people, "I imagine you have had some amazing adventures together." This means that, from what there one person understands, the other people had some amazing adventures.

    One MAY say, "I guess we have had some amazing adventures together." "Guess" is not the same as "imagined" though. Saying "I guess" is idiomatic, and can be used ironically to mean "Wow, we have had some amazing adventures, and I only now realize that." It can also be said sarcastically.

    Perhaps your sentence is the result of someone using thesaurus-think -- going to a thesaurus and blindly replacing one word with another as apparently recommended -- and greatly changing the meaning. One has to be very careful about how one uses a thesaurus, because words offered up as synonyms usually cannot be used interchangeably.

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    Unless you've got amnesia why would you have to imagine adventures, wouldn't you be able to say "we've had some amazing adventures?"

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