Will inhaling helium before singing in Sprano help you?

I was randomly curious!

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  • 6 years ago
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    Soprano is a voice type (or a girl or woman with type of voice). It is not a vocal range, it is not a "key" or type of song.

    If you sing off-key, regardless of whether you had a low voice or not, sucking on helium before singing will just make you sing in a squeaky, but off-key, voice. Singing is a skill that cannot be acquired by eating, drinking, or breathing anything. Singing high does not make you talented. Unless you plan to imitate chipmunks, singing in that weird squeaky tone that results from helium, won't improve the "quality" of your singing voice or ability.

    Take voice lessons--providing you even have any sort of basic talent to develop in the first place.

    As for planning to constantly huff from a helium tank--does the phrase "thinning of the herd" mean anything to you? It's like the stupid antelope that wanders away from the group so the lions eat him and he can't pass his stupid genes onto the next generation. Abusing helium is like wandering away from the herd and telling the lion to come eat you.





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