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prevent from用法

The data can be prevented from getting lost.

之前發的題問有人解答了這個 但我想知這為甚麼要用from 用 the 不行?

另外, closed for modification

designed for apple(公司)

submitted for grading

An extra photocopy of transport documents is to be submitted for our file

ed + for 有甚麼用意 同 用法? for 在這裡的意思是 (對於)(為了)?

最後, i reserve a visit for you to our company at 10 pm

為甚麼用to 而唔用 at our company?

問題有點多 點數只剩11了 希望你們會回答 感謝!!

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    1. The preposition "for" has different meanings. Two of the meanings are extracted from the dictionary that are relating to your examples, as follows:

    (1) in order to help somebody/something 幫, 替

    (2) used to show purpose; in order to (have, do, get, or obtain something) 為了 (要, 做, 得到)

    closed for modification ===> (2)

    designed for Apple(公司) ===> (1)

    submitted for grading ===> (2)

    submitted for our file ===> (2)

    In the above examples, "for" leads a prepositional phrase functioning as adverbial to state the purpose of the "action".

    All the actions (transitive verbs) above are in their past participle (passive voice). That explains the form of "ed + for".

    Compare to their active voice format:

    ~ Yahoo will close its website for modification (Yahoo's website will be closed for modification)

    ~ Foxconn designs the iphone battery for Apple Inc. (The battery is designed for Apple)

    ~ Please submit your homework for grading.

    ~ You are to submit an extra photocopy of transport documents for our file.

    2. I reserve a visit for you to our company at 10 pm.

    "visit" as a noun collocates with (詞語搭配) the preposition "to" and "from" as follows:

    ~ visit (to somebody/something) (from somebody)

    "visit at a place" is not correct.

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