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Frozen asked in HealthWomen's Health · 6 years ago

Donating blood after getting a tattoo?

I have type O positive blood (universal donor, at least to Rh + recipients), and I have given blood several times, and I hope to be a lifelong donor. I certainly don't mind giving my blood to someone.

I remember being asked a series of questions every time I have been to give my blood, and they ask you if you've ever had a tattoo. I know you're thinking, "You should already know this, because you've given blood..." but they may have changed the rules, and I can't remember what the rule is about tattoos.

Obviously I've never had a tattoo, but I have decided I would like to get my first. I just was concerned about being able to donate blood in the future?

When I got my navel pierced, they made me wait a whole year, seems exaggerated but whatever. Will a tattoo disqualify me forever? For a year? I really want a tattoo but I want also to be able to give blood.


By the way, Australia seems like an amazing country. I've read about it and would love to go visit. I'm digressing, I know.

Update 2:

I would like to get my tattoo done in Mexico if it makes any difference.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Current FDA guidelines allow donors who have a tattoo applied to immediately be eligible for volunteer blood donation IF the state where the tattoo was applied licenses and inspects the such facilities AND sterile technique was followed. If the state does not license and inspect tattoo shops, than deferral is for one year from date of application.

    Please contact your local blood collection facility and ask to speak to the donor services manager about local guidelines.

    Source(s): Medical Director - regional blood center
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  • Ozzie
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    6 years ago

    Depends on the country where you live.

    In Australia you must wait 6-12 months after getting a tattoo to be able to donate again.

    Ring up the place where you have donated before and ask them.

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