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英文 to of for 問題

save changes to untitled 這是在電腦上常常見到


如果我說i want to save changes to the file

to 是解(到)

save changes to untitled 的 untitled 是file名

儲存改變到(位置)untitled 但這是名為甚麼能用to 不是應該改為

i save changes of name to untitled

而且 , 有時我覺得for 同 of 的定位有點模糊

例如 there may be some changes of this position .定用 there may be some changes for this position.



另外我想問just we can 同 only we can 是一樣意思?

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    Direct has "save changes" here from one place to another.The going straight from one place to another without stopping or changing direction;As declared,which is the most direct route to "untitled"? We can get by save changes.

    The without anything between means we have direct access to the INFO on file at the" untitled" We have direct control over the file at the "untitled".

    (1) to:-to=forward to,eg:-save changes forward to untitled.

    (2)of:-of=belong to,eg:-belong to name of this position to be named "untitled"

    (3)for:-for this position means" I save a change for the position"=I save the position a change."for" is omitted.

    just(as) we can=just what we can

    just only=almost not; hardly--

    just only we can=hardly anybody.

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    just = only

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