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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

三民版高中英文第三冊 第四課單字片語例句急求!!!






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  • 7 years ago
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    For words, phrase in grammar means a group of words without a finite verb, especially one that forms part of a sentence."the travelling car", and "on election morning" are phrases.

    For examples, samples on Classification of phrases by function:-

    Noun as subject:-(To eat out at mid-night) is an usual habit.

    ---They wanted (to eat out cheaply at Tai-chung)-----as object

    ---They like (to eat at shops at mid-night)------as object

    Adjective before a noun as subject:-(Shocked by the book), the President stood still.

    ----(Sitting in an armchair), he issued his TW Commandment---as subject.

    ----(With his work completed), he was sent to the prison.----as subject.

    Adverb as time as subject:-(After the accident), he has a fear for a bullet.

    ---as place as object:-He stayed (in the prison) last winter term.

    ---as manner as object:-She sang (in a magnetic voice) in the studio.

    ---as reason as subject:-(Because of the heavy rain ),the parade was cancelled.

    ---as purpose as subject:-(In order to save electricity), light is switched off.

    ---as concession:-(In spite of the concession speech),he had lost the president election !

    ----as result:-He admitted he had lost the election (after making the concession speech.)

    ---as condition:-(If not for his concession speech),we would have won the TW elections.

    Verb as function to form a tense of a verb:-eg:-(The marriage-registry will have been running ) for 4 years by next January.-------future perfect progressive.

    eg:-(The lady teacher 45 will have been working) for many mainland students here this year.-----future perfect progressive.

    As a phrasal verb(=verb + particle)eg:-If you don't drive carefully, you will (end up) in Tainan Hospital.

    Keep up with the work .


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