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陪伴不只陪伴 中翻英~~

''陪伴不只是陪伴 也是(一種)心靈上的依賴''


不需要用太難的單字 意思接近也可以 :))


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    ''陪伴不只是陪伴 也是(一種)心靈上的依賴''

    **Companionship already states its meaning of being with someone, therefore, you just have to say-->

    Companionship is also a (kind of) spiritual codependency relationiship ( with your heart and soul ).

    Direct Translation ->

    Companionship is more than being with someone, it's also (kind of ) depending on someone with (your) heart and soul.

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    Accompanied not only companionship is (one) rely on spiritual

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    A requirement beyond just company is also a kind of reliance in spirit.

  • jose
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    A companion as well as a soul mate.

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    A companion as well as soul mate.

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    '陪伴不只是陪伴 也是(一種)心靈上的依賴''

    ==》Companionship is not just being a companion; it is also a sense of trust springing from the heart.

  • Anonymous
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    Company is not only company,

    It's also a spiritual dependence.

  • 阿倫
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    ''陪伴不只是陪伴 也是(一種)心靈上的依賴''

    Company is not only company but also dependence on our spirits.

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