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幫忙翻譯 英文 (捷運 殺人事件)

不要用gogle翻譯給我 那些文法都錯的== 會被罵

2.一句只能有一個動詞 兩個以上可轉呈動名詞等等(s+v) 要符合文法

3. 幫忙分割 我不會分割


有一天。 Jason 跟往常一樣搭捷運下班回家。因為很累所以在捷運上睡覺。很多人也跟Jason一樣。當然也有人在滑手機跟聽mp3。此時有大叫聲傳出。Jason看到很多人從那個車廂跑來並喊著有人被殺了。Jason跟其他人聽到都嚇傻了。跟著一起往最邊邊的車廂前進。最後,原來這是四個國中同學的惡作劇。車廂的其他乘客感到非常的憤怒。最後車長通知家長來處理。車長因為國中生年紀太小不想讓他們留下紀錄而沒報警。車長決定罰他們來掃捷運站5天也取的家長同意。希望他們可以受到教訓,不要在惡作劇了。

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    One day, Jason took the MRT home as usual. He took a nap on the train because he felt really tired. Many passengers were doing like Jason, and some of them were swiping on their phone screen or listening to the music. Suddenly, someone was screaming loudly. Meanwhile, Jason saw a lot of passengers escape in panic from another car with a loud shout "someone was killed!" Jason was stunned, so was many other people in the train. They rapidly ran to the first car. Afterwards, the passengers became very furious when they found out that it was just four junior high school student pranking. Finally, the train conductor inform the parents of the four kids. He(She) didn't call the police because he(she) thought the four students were young. The conductor ask them to clean the MRT station for 5 day and their parnets all agreed. They hoped the four kids will never make the same mistake again.

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    5 days*

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