Food to bring my Mexican co-worker?

My good friend at work is a recently immigrated Mexican-American and is always bringing me delicious hispanic food. I'd like to return the favor and bring him something "American" as he doesn't really know Amercian food except what we serve at the restaurant (burgers, omlets, sandwiches, etc) and he wants to try something.

I was wondering what are some good things to bring him and flavors he might like, I'm not sure if there are flavors I should avoid?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Lots of my friends are Mexican, and I have actually wondered the same thing! Some people stereotype us as a bunch of "tragahamburguesas," so I would treat my Mexican friend to something culturally rich. Think about the different cultural regions... for example:

    New Orleans has a rich cultural heritage, so maybe some gumbo? Maybe he'd like to sample something Cajun. Po' boys or Jambalaya something. I'm not from NO but I like the culture and their food and culture are rich.

    Where I am from, I grew up on bagels, which is very typical. That's the one food I really missed when I was in Mexico... bagels with cream cheese, blueberries, etc. Maybe latkes? But in Mexico they eat "tortitas de papa" and they are similar to the American latkes I grew up with.

    My dad's family is from Eastern NC and they have their own unique barbecue. It reminds me of the "Barbacoa" you can get in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It's this shredded up pork. Mom won't eat it but dad loves it.

    Which brings me to Texas. Of course they have the most famous barbecue on earth. I don't really like meat, except seafood, but Texas BBQ is famous. Also, some Texas food is influenced by Mexico... like Tex Mex food.

    Mexican seafood is the best, but American seafood can be delicious. I'm from the coast so there was no shortage of seafood places in my hometown (you can probably guess where I'm from from the clues I've provided lol).

    I hope it won't be a problem, but are you a good cook? Or could you find a simple recipe? Some of the stuff is highly specialized but worth it if you can do it.

    I am Southern, just from a place with lots of NYC transplants, hence the popularity of bagels in my hometown, BUT I do like Southern food, like grits. He might like shrimp and grits, because grits have corn, just like Mexican pozole (which is delicious as you probably know) has that elote corn. Or something typically Southern. The USA just has so many cultural regions.

    I'm Irish and Mexican descent on one side and French and Swedish on the other, and I think it's so cool when people retain their roots and embrace their cultural heritage and share it with other people. You sound very cool... I wish I worked with you guys lol.

  • 6 years ago

    I'm partially mexican and i love both american and mexican food.

    If you want him to try american food i would suggest something like meatloaf, cornbread, a sloppy joe, i dont know. I love all of that!

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