According to the Bible, how long have witnesses for YHWH, Yahwey/Jehovah been around and active ?

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    In talking about "so great a cloud of witnesses" in the books of Hebrews, Paul starts off with Abel and goes through a long list of faithful men and women.

    The whole Jewish nation was considered Jehovah's witnesses.

    Isaiah 43:10-12) “YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that YOU may know and have faith in me, and that YOU may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none. 11 I—I am Jehovah, and besides me there is no savior.” 12 “I myself have told forth and have saved and have caused it to be heard, when there was among YOU no strange [god]. So YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “and I am God.

    Jesus is called the faithful and true witness. (Revelation 3:14) “And to the angel of the congregation in La·o·di·ce′a write: These are the things that the Amen says, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation by God,

    “YOU will be witnesses of me . . . to the most distant part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) With those parting words, Jesus commissioned his disciples to be witnesses. But witnesses of whom? “Witnesses of me,” said Jesus. Do these words mean that they were not to be witnesses of Jehovah? Far from it!

    Actually, Jesus’ disciples were given an unprecedented privilege—that of being witnesses of both Jehovah and Jesus. As faithful Jews, Jesus’ early disciples were already witnesses of Jehovah. (Isa. 43:10-12) But now they were to witness also concerning Jesus’ vital role in sanctifying Jehovah’s name by means of His Messianic Kingdom. Their thus bearing witness to Jesus was with Jehovah’s glory in view. (Rom. 16:25-27; Phil. 2:9-11) They testified that Jehovah had not lied, that after more than 4,000 years he had at last raised up the long-promised Messiah, or Christ!

    Christian witnesses of Jehovah in the first century were also given a unique responsibility—one that rests upon genuine Christians to this day.

    “Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And, look! I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.” (Matt. 28:19, 20)

    The 8,000,000+ Witnesses of Jehovah, today, carry out this commission faithfully

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    The first Jehovah's Witness was Jesus Christ. "The Faithful and True Witness." Revelation 1:5; 3:14

    The first human Witness was Abel, according to Hebrews 11:4, 12:1

    Jehovah is the ENGLISH form of the name of God, made a part of popular English language by English translations of the Bible. How languages develop does not make the form of a name in that language invalid. In Hebrew, the name has four letters. The point is to use it, and we who speak English do -

    Acts 15:14-17

    14 Sym′e·on has related thoroughly how God for the first time turned his attention to the nations to take out of them A PEOPLE FOR HIS NAME. 15 And with this the words of the Prophets agree, just as it is written: 16 ‘After these things I will return and raise up again the tent* of David that is fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins and restore it, 17 so that the men who remain may earnestly seek Jehovah,* together with people of all the nations, PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME, SAYS JEHOVAH, who is doing these things,


    English was not in existence during the time of the writing of the Bible, so not only Jehovah but ALL strictly English words and names did not exist then.. But Jesus said:in John 17:26:

    " I have made your name known to them and will make it known,so that the love with which you loved me may be in them..and I in union with them.".

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    Look at John 18:36. (Jesus purpose on earth is to bear witness to the truth) Look at Revelation 3:14 where Jesus is identified two ways. One as a witness to God and two as the beginning of the creation.

    Thus the answer to your question is now obvious. Since the first day of creation Jehovah has had witnesses around and active.

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    Able was the first person to call upon Jehovah's name and to worship

    Him. All throughout history there have been worshippers of Jehovah. And Jesus Christ, the son of God is called the "faithful and true witness..."

    But they took the official name in the 30's or 40's and are the only group who predominantly use "Jehovah's Christian witnesses."

    To learn more go to:


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    Abel was the first. It is a lifetime commitment to serve Jehovah. All through history, there have been many faithful servants of Jehovah. Israel was an entire nation devoted to him. They kept failing to keep their words and promises. After forgiving them hundreds of times, it finally became to much. They lost salvation as a nation and any favored status they once had with God.

    Individuals however, have proven faithful to Jehovah God and done as he commanded for the rest of their lives. On down to today. 8 million so far, with many thousands more learning, making progress in learning, making adjustments in their lives to be inline With Jehovah's attitudes. Around a quarter million each year have learned God's true wisdom from the Bible to understand w hat this commitment means, made necessary changes. Then dedicated their lives to Jehovah's service privately and symbolized that by public water baptism.

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    Abel was the first witness of Jehovah on earth and there have been many,many more throughout history and down to our modern day.

    Jesus is called the "faithful witness. Who did Jesus witness about? Jehovah.

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    In the Bible, since the beginning with Adam, and Eve.

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    The Bible doesn't mention the Jehovah Witmesses because they are a very new rigion. They were founded around 1900.

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      SC, you may find Isaiah 43:10 to be surprising - this is where the name Jehovah's Witnesses comes from.

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    The Word of God, who was with God in the beginning, is also called the faithful witness in Revelation 1:5 but it does not say He is a faithful witness of YHWH. In that context, it speaks of everything Jesus says in the Revelation to John as being faithful and true. His testimony about the word of God is true (verse 2) so we can utterly depend on everything Jesus says for He IS the Word of God.

    As a title, the phrase, witness for Jehovah, was applied by Jehovah to His chosen nation, Israel and this was recorded by the prophet Isaiah in 43:10, not long after 701 B.C. There Jehovah identifies His covenant nation, Israel, as being appointed by Him to witness to the truthfulness of God being the only God, before whom no other god was ever formed and after whom there would be no god; that Jehovah alone is the Saviour. This, if you will notice, rules out the Word of God as being a god, created by Jehovah. See John 1:1-14.

    Anyway, at some point during Israel's history in the ancient past, God appointed them to be His witnesses, as a nation. They were to stand apart from all the pagan nations with their polytheism, and to testify to there being only one true God.

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      You left out a few key scriptures. John 18:36 where Jesus used the words "witness to the truth" & John 17:17 "Your word is truth" Jesus is a Witness if Jehovah God, his father.

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    Jesus is the center of the Bible.G-D used Jews to redeem all mankind.Jesus/Yeshua is the prophesied Messiah.

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