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1. Filtration and heel volume filtration

The uniform and random distribution of solids throughout the liquid in the filter is achieved by creating an upward flow by means of a controllable overflow. This ensures an even build-up of cake on the filter elements.

If at the end of the filtration the unfiltered heel cannot be drained to the feed vessel, heel volume filtration must be carried out. This is achieved by our patented heel filtration process as follows: from the lowest point in the vessel the heel is sucked by the filter pump and returned to the vessel through the centrally located spray nozzle in the cover. There, the sprayed heel is evenly distributed on the filter elements and the liquid pushed through the cake by gas pressure.

2. Cake washing

At the end of the filtration step, resp. heel filtration step, or draining of the filter by gas displacement, the cake can be subjected to the washing step by a suitable wash-phase. The sprayed wash-phase using the heel filtration method significantly reduces the volume of the wash liquid compared to conventional washing.

3. Cake drying

The washed cake is dried by blowing a suitable gas phase, e.g. ambient or hot air, nitrogen or steam through the cake on the filter elements, until the required level of residual moisture has been reached.

The cake remains on the filter medium during the entire process due to the unique geometric arrangement of the tubes in the filter elements. At the end of the drying cycle the pressure vessel is vented and the discharge device opened to discharge the solids.

4. In-situ cleaning of the filter media

In-situ cleaning assures longer life of the filter media. As programmed according to need, the filter media are automatically washed in the closed filter to free them from possibly strongly adhering particles.

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    如果过滤末尾未过滤的脚跟不能耗尽饲料的容器,必须进行脚跟卷过滤。这通过我们的专利的脚跟过滤过程,如下所示: 从容器的脚跟是通过过滤泵吸和回到通过位于的喷嘴盖容器中最低薪点。那里,喷涂的脚跟均匀分布在过滤元件和液体挤过蛋糕的气体压力。








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