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Juan F Estrada vs Roman Gonzales 2?

There first fight was good and Estrada didn't have the experience he does now for him. Estrada is the only guy that could beat him in my opinion. Gonzales is a savage m*therfucker both have good boxing skills and one will hold 3/4 of the titles at flyweight. Who wins now? Addition to almost being undisputed the winner will be the lineal champ as well.

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    I think HIGHLY of Estrada, and both of these guys are personal favorites of mine and a NIGHTMARE (see what I did there?) for everyone 115lb or below.

    I already consider Estrada a great fighter, and he's still extremely young. That guy is going to do big things...

    What's even more impressive than that? The fact that I think Gonzalez is even better, that dude is a rare talent. These two are just ridiculous...both amazing/versatile boxers and very smart fighters as well.

    You see guys like B-Hop who have a high ring IQ but aren't the most physically gifted, and guys like Zab Judah who is a great athlete but a complete f*cking moron. Then you get guys like Floyd, physically a natural athlete and on top of that is a smart, thinking fighter.

    Estrada and Chocolatito are the latter IMO. These guys need more exposure b/c they will be in the HOF and are a pleasure to watch.

    The rematch can't come too soon, and thankfully HBO is interested in airing it (about time they showed these little guys). I have to take Gonzalez, the guy is hitting his prime right now and is unstoppable around his weighclass.

    Even though Estrada has definitely improved since the first fight, I don't think it's enough to beat Gonzalez (though of course the fight will be competitive). I've got Roman by a fun UD or a late stoppage.

    If I had it my way these two would fight twenty times. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait no I can't wait..leather in the summer, silk in the winter, this is such an art where do I begin...

    Sorry, I'm on an Outkast binge today. Actually everyday.

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