EXTREAME OVERHETING laptop plz help me =(?

my laptop GPU overheat to killer heat even desktops can't take that heat

my laptop Alienwere M18xR2


CPU Core I7 3630QM 4 cores 2.40Ghz Turbo on 3.40Ghz now

GPU AMD HD 7970M 2x Crossfire

RAM 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz


SSD 64GB Samsung 840

Windows 8.1 64bit

latest AMD drivers right now 14.7

no OC

when gaming GPU 1 70 c 75 c max 80 c really cool and ideal 60 c to 64 c max

GPU 2 99 c 102 c max 110 c after 1 min gaming ideal 47 c to 52 c max

CPU max temp I saw 88 c on full load ideal 50 c to 60 c max

HDD and SDD 35 c to 40 c max

I can't use MSI afterburner anymore to monitor temp now cause I get white lines on the left of the screen and they are annoying so I have to turn MSI off to let the lines go

I use now GPU-Z and speed Fan now

this laptop is 1 year old

I didn't game since 1 week cause I don't want to melt my GPUs

so plz everyone who read this plz help I want to game in this laptop in peace (∩︵∩)

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    5 years ago
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    This helped a LOT for me. Mine was running very hot & finally actually shut down with some sort of alarm that helps protect it when it overheats giving me a scary warning. What happened was my fan vents were so filled with accumulated dust, it wasn't properly cooling as it did when it was new. I searched the web high & low & finally someone said to pull out the vacuum hose & gently lay it on its side then put the hose on the side & bottom to suck the blockage. After doing this, it was like magic. Sure it runs hot when I'm doing something, but the extreme dangerous temperatures & warnings were GONE.

    The other thing is, well I'm not sure if you have it set on a desk or on your lap, but the bottom & side vents need to have space to breathe to cool the computer . I would buy some of those rubber sticker things & put them on the bottom so there is space. If you're setting it on a desk this will suffice. If you are rather using on your lap, I'd find something with vents & set that underneath the laptop. I know they sell lap pads that allow air to flow between your lap & the bottom of the computer.

    I'd get one maybe like this one


    or this one


    That little vacuum tip was SUCH a great help, now it;s a normal temperature that matches how I'm using it without overheating I haven't had ANY problems with overheating ever since.

    Try that & use a vented pad & stick those rubber things on the bottom as well. I tried just about everything I could think of & find on the net beforehand & this was the 1 thing that REALLY worked.


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    Use compressed air to blow out the intake and exhaust vents until no more dust comes out. Make sure the fans are spinning properly and that heated air is coming out the vents. You could add a cooling pad and a fan across the keyboard.

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    5 years ago

    laptops get overheated easily i suggest you buy a cooler

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