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Middle name for October and Spyro?

Me and my boyfriend, Liam are pregnant with boy/girl twins. (Due January 1)

We like these names, so they aren't changing. So please don't start with the hate comments

We have a 2 year old little girl named Kia Joi

Last name is Parsons

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    October Faith Parsons

    October Rose Parsons

    October Quinn Parsons

    October Reese Parsons

    October Hope Parsons

    October Brooke Parsons

    October Rae Parsons

    October Fay Parsons

    October Lynn Parsons

    Spyro James Parsons

    Spyro Chad Parsons

    Spyro Jay Parsons

    Spyro Ray Parsons

    Spyro Brad Parsons

    Spyro Wade Parsons

    Spyro Neil Parsons

    Spyro Zane Parsons

    Spyro John Parsons

    Spyro Chance Parsons

    Spyro Chase Parsons

    Spyro True Parsons

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    very cool names

    October Rayne

    October Charlotte

    October Aliannah

    October Elizabeth

    October Isolde

    October Leona

    October Leah

    October Ophelia

    Spyro Samuel

    Spyro Oliver

    Spyro Callum

    Spyro Laython

    Spyro Elias

    Kia, Tobi and Spy

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    Ok firstly i dont mean to judge but October is a pretty funny name o-o i mean im only 13 and im born in october but i know that now-adays people in school judge alot and your kid could get bullied :L anyways your choice!

    October Lynne

    October Leigh

    October Jean

    October Marie

    October Corrine

    October Charlotte

    October Therese

    October Diane

    October Lorraine

    October Michelle

    October Christine

    October Anneliese

    October Brianne

    October Brielle

    October Danielle

    October Ana

    October Belinda

    October Marie

    October Natalie

    Spyro Fabien

    Spyro Alexi

    Spyro Dylan

    Spyro Marcus

    Spyro Jude

    Spyro Ezra

    Spyro Asher

    Spyro Daniel

    Spyro James

    Spyro Elliot

    Spyro Casper

    Spyro Luca

    Spyro Phineas

    Spyro Mason

    Spyro Connor


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    October grace

    Spyro Luke

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    What awful names! I hope (and highly suspect) you're another one of those teens who just like to play pretend on here. Children named after a car, a month, and a dragon...good lord.

    • You go girl !!! Your names are awesome. I really like October Storm and Spyro Blaze. Name your babies and be proud.

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    lol naming your kid after a month and a video game character i feel bad for them they will need to change it when older if anyone is to take them seriously especially Spyro... named after a dragon that is sad and pathetic do you really hate your children that much to give terrible names like these i hope you are a troll

  • Kat
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    5 years ago

    October Skye and Spyro Flint

  • 5 years ago

    Which one will be for the boy and which for the girl? Neither of them inspire any qualities (strong,delicate,nerdy,funny etc).

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