Want to start using Linux.. How should I pick and Should I use Linux?

I've been thinking that I'd like to start using Linux instead of Windows... Since I play basicly on games on my laptop, I use it for internet, working with MS office, and for my studies (various software for electronic engineer).

Could you point out some pros and cons of Linux. And what release should I use. Because right now I really don't know anything about Linux (or Ubuntu, if that's not the same thing)... And maybe what I should be aware of before switching to Linux..

Thank you for you time!!!

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  • 5 years ago
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    i am also a electronic engg student well there are many software that ur collge would use on window but they are also available on linux but not every software like multisim , turbo c etc

    and yes there are better for substitutes too like code blocks etc

    linux is a broad term .ubuntu .fedora ,debian being a part of them

    i suggest linux mint 17 cinnamon for ex window user

    it is based on ubuntu which in turn based on debian. soo every app for ubuntu will work on linux mint .

    and as for interent , firefox and many other apps come preinstalled including libre office (best altrnative to ms works like charm)

    did i mentioned there are 500 games available on stream and counter strike is also released for ubuntu. future looks bright for gamming options !

    anyways u can also dual boot ur system switching between windows and linux whenever u want

    there is video how to do it

    win7 dual boot with linux mint/ubuntu


    Youtube thumbnail

    win 8 dual boot with ubuntu/linux mint


    Youtube thumbnail

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  • 5 years ago

    !. download and run linux from a live cd. You can get a feel for how it works without installing it. It will run slowly from the cd/dvd.

    2. Read the documentation. Linux is not hard just different and if you try to operate the OS like windows you will be frustrated.



    The first link has instructions on how to burn the iso to a cd and install instructions. If you do decide to install linux to you hard drive be SURE to have a backup of all important windows files. If you make a mistake it is possible to wipe out all wincows files.

    The second link has info for after ubunhtu is installed; how to install software, multimedia, etc.

    • Saridonas5 years agoReport

      What do you mean "if you try to operate the OS like windows you will be frustrated"?
      Like if I want to use Linux on daily basis for surfing in the net, watching movies and doing every day normal stuff (from time to time using specific soft for basic programing and stuff) I shouldn'd get Linux?

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  • 5 years ago

    Try zorin os, it's a good OS for theses who are newbie in linux.

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