What do feminists want to achieve?

I know a few feminists and they all have different views.

One is very extreme and wants women to be better than men, and admitted that she doesn't like me much because I am too 'alpha male' for her to get on with.

Another just wants men and women to be completely equal, simple as. If a man stands up to her views, she will explain them and listen to his views, and justifies what she believes.

And another 2 think that women should control men, and try to find ways of taming a man to manipulate him.

So are there different kinds of feminists? And what do the majority of feminists want to achieve for women? Thanks, Rob

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  • Jay
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    6 years ago
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    Feminism is about achieving equality for the sexes in many facets of life; in media, legally, socially, etc. Feminism is about dismantling the patriarchy, which is simply the way society has progressed-- as being male dominated. The patriarchy is not code for "men are evil", it just means that this is how we believe society ended up going (men were given more rights and held in higher esteem, and there are a lot of leftover feelings mirroring that in society today that need to stop), and the patriarchy is harmful to both men and women.

    Feminism in America hopes to eliminate the trend of rape threats and revenge porn, it hopes to inform women of what consent really means, it hopes to increase female leads and characters in media who aren't just a romantic interest or sexual image, etc. It also hopes to make men more comfortable being connected to their emotions, it hopes to value men more as parents and stop holding them to such ridiculous standards of masculinity if that's not who they are. It hopes to eliminate the stereotypes of women in the kitchen and men as awkward, bumbling sports addicts. It hopes to point out that there are a lot of ingrained problems that we don't even recognize and they all may seem small on the surface, but they certainly add up to a collective mindset.

    While feminism focuses on women more simply because women are at more of a disadvantage, feminism is aimed at helping everyone be treated more like human beings and less like impersonal gender roles.

    Yes, there are crazy jerks that will take shelter behind the Feminist label and use it as an excuse to hate men. But hating men and being critical of patriarchal values are very different, and a well-read feminist who's heart is in the right place would know that. There are extremes in every group, and sadly, they don't reflect well on the actual population. The idiots just tend to scream louder and are therefore heard more often than the rational people.

    It's much like how there's a difference between a sympathetic vegetarian who does their part to spread awareness of environmental and animal issues, and a PETA-driven kalemonster that just wants to scream at everyone and make them feel like crap if they don't disavow plastic water bottles with a passion. Hopefully we won't judge the entire environmental and animal friendly philosophy as crazy just because there are a few bad seeds.

  • 6 years ago

    Legal Equality.

  • 6 years ago

    I think most feminists just want to be seen as an equal. I know I want to be.

  • mariah
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    6 years ago

    equality for everyone, including men.

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