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Snow sports該怎樣翻成中文?

How do you translate the term “snow sports” into Chinese?

Is “滑雪運動” sufficient to convey the English meaning of “snow sports”?

So far, I know “snow sports” include “skiing” (雙板滑雪) and “snowboarding” (單板滑雪). If these are what “snow sports” include, then, I guess “滑雪運動” might be sufficient. However, in the article I am translating, it also reads,” The market is getting diversified, as different kinds of snow sports are gaining prominence among people of various age groups.”

My questions are:

1.What could be the “different kinds of snow sports” (other than skiing and snowboarding) the article is referring to?

2.How can I translate “snow sports” into an appropriate Chinese term?

Thank you!


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Master Big Melon,

Thank you very much! "雪地運動" is what I want. I just cannot think of this term, you know.

Update 2:

Master Big Melon,

Oh, thanks also for giving me so many examples of "snow sports". I didn't know any of them, you know, since I haven't seen snow all my life.

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    The kind of snow sport you have mentioned is classified into "snow skiing" and "snow boarding". However, there are many more than that:

    (1)ice skating




    (5)ice hockey

    (6)snowball fighting (last one standing)

    (7)snowman building (highest one)

    (8)ice boating

    (9)ice fishing


    ... and so on.

    As far as translating "snow sport" is concerned, you can translate it as "雪上運動", "雪地運動", "雪上活動" "冰雪體育" ...

    "Snow sport" is just a general name for many different kinds of activities that you can do on snow or ice.

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