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How to be know what to say in a regular conversation or small talk?

Okay, I truly need to be more open to new people, but while I have the motivation to talk to them, I just don't know what to say. After being shy for so long, I don't have the talk experience so many others have.

I finally want to break out of that shell and just be less uptight 24/7 and be open to people. Mind you I'm in grade 11 and there are many annoying people there, which I don't really know how to handle besides ignore..

I've been ignoring things I thought I couldn't handle for so long, but now it really feels like I can't handle them. Please give me advice!

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    talk about school




    tv shows


    funny stories



    once you find a common ground conversation will just flow.

    if you're getting to know a new person, ask them about themselves!

    if they play sports, play an instrument, etc.

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