united states: how many stamps go on a postcard sent international?

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    The United States Postal Service (USPS) bases pricing of mail on size, weight, shape, destination, item valuation, and class of service selected. The USPS postage price for a postcard or one ounce letter envelope to be sent from the United States to an international destination is $1.15. Either purchase one Forever Global stamp, worth $1.15, or apply three $.49 USPS Forever stamps to send the postcard. The same postage amount will work to send the one ounce letter envelope.



    Using a sender selected envelope which does not exceed a maximum length of 11-1/2 inches, maximum height of 6-1/8 inches, or maximum thickness of 1/4 inch, USPS First-Class Mail International service will send a one ounce weight letter for $1.15. The price increases as the weight goes up. If the stamps being used have the word Forever on their face, they are currently worth $.49 each. Forever stamps, which come in a variety of image designs and sizes, will be accepted for no additional charge when you use them to mail a letter, even if the Post Office increases postage prices. They are, as the name implies, forever stamps. Take the sealed and addressed letter envelope to a local Post Office branch where they will weigh the mail piece and sell you the correct postage for the letter envelope being sent.

    These examples are some actual postage prices to send a letter to an international location.

    mailing 1 ounce - $1.15 (three Forever stamps)

    mailing 2 ounces - $2.13 (five Forever stamps)

    mailing 3 ounces - $3.12 (seven Forever stamps)

    larger envelope - maximum length of 15 inches, height of 12 inches, and thickness of 3/4 inch

    mailing 4 ounces - $5.10

    mailing 5 ounces - $6.04

    mailing 6 ounces - $6.97

    mailing 7 ounces - $7.91

    mailing 8 ounces - $8.85

    Use the USPS Calculation page link below to determine the exact postage for the weight and size item you are mailing. Enter the destination, select using a letter envelope for mailing, enter the weight, and get the correct postage amounts.


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    It's not the number of stamps that count. It's about how much it costs to send a postcard and putting the appropriate stamps or stamps on.

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    usps.gov has this. depends on where it is going

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