I wonder why some people worship Justin Bieber, who is a well documented, well sponsored advocate of douchebaggery...?

They MAY AS WELL INSTEAD worship Michael Sorrentino (aka The Situation), who is also a well documented, well sponsored advocate of douchebaggery.

Since the sponsorship of the advocation of douchebaggery is well known and well documented between both men, those that love Justin Bieber have the choice to worship either of these men and it won't really make any difference, since it's essentially the same concept.

However, The Situation never arrived 2 hours late for a show, never ditched Selena Gomez, never smoked a spliff with his new homie Lil Twist, grabed a female fan's boob, spit in someone's drink at the gym, ‘beat up’ the paparazzi , or drove 100 mph in a 65 mph zone in LA last summer. Justin Bieber sure did every one of those.

Therefore, the people who worship Justin Bieber should think that if The Situation were to start his own organized group of admirers, it would be appropriately worthier than Bieber's...

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  • 6 years ago
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    I wouldn't worship Justin Beiber or The Situation. Why would I worship a troublemaker and a guido lmao

  • 6 years ago

    I'm starting to believe it's just one retarded troll asking questions about bieber in a section that has nothing to do with him or any celebrity.

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