SO i was wondering these DC vs marvel matches i want a true answer by their powers and abilities Here are the 26 battles:?

Bane vs The Thing

Killer frost vs Iceman

Hawkgirl vs Falcon

Zatanna vs Doc Strange

Flash vs Quicksilver

Martian Manhunter vs Super skrull

Green Lantern vs Nova

Nightwing vs Daredevil

Etrigan vs Ghostrider

Lex luthor(in war suit)vs Doctor Doom

Static shock vs Spiderman

Batman vs captain america

Lobo vs Wolverine

Cyborg vs Ironman

Grundy vs Savage Hulk

Deathstroke vs deadpool

Green arrow vs hawkeye

Wonder woman vs Thor

Phoenix vs Raven

Aquaman vs Namor

Superman vs Gladiator

Joker vs green goblin

Catwoman vs blackcat

Shazam vs Ms. Marvel

Doomsday vs Juggernaut

CHAMPION MATCH: Darkseid vs Thanos

thanks for replys ;)

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    Bane vs The Thing - The Thing - Bane isn't really very strong in the superhuman circles.

    Killer frost vs Iceman - Iceman - A woman who can create ice battling someone who can become ice.

    Hawkgirl vs Falcon - Falcon - His ability to use birds to attack allow him to destroy Hawkgirl's wings.

    Zatanna vs Doc Strange - Doctor Strange

    Flash vs Quicksilver - Hard to say, being faster doesn't make Flash a better fighter.

    Martian Manhunter vs Super skrull - Super Skrull - He has some of Torch's fire abilities.

    Green Lantern vs Nova - Nova- He can absorbed the energy construct the Lantern uses.

    Nightwing vs Daredevil - Daredevil in a close one that comes down to experience.

    Etrigan vs Ghostrider - Ghostrider- Penance Stare brings up a lot of Etrigan's sins.

    Lex luthor(in war suit)vs Doctor Doom - Doctor Doom - Doom has tech plus magic.

    Static shock vs Spiderman - Spiderman - Superior battle experience.

    Batman vs captain america - Captain America - Close fight but Cap has a more varied fighting experience.

    Lobo vs Wolverine - Lobo

    Cyborg vs Ironman - Ironman - Better firepower.

    Grundy vs Savage Hulk - Savage Hulk

    Deathstroke vs deadpool - Deadpool - Wade out heals Slade's attacks.

    Green arrow vs hawkeye - Hawkeye - A trained spy versus a business man.

    Wonder woman vs Thor - Thor - He has more command over his abilities then Wonder Woman.

    Phoenix vs Raven - Phoenix- Jean has more power and knows more about mental attacks.

    Aquaman vs Namor - Namor - Almost a draw but Namor is meaner.

    Superman vs Gladiator - Superman

    Joker vs green goblin - Green Goblin - His toys have more punch then Joker's.

    Catwoman vs blackcat - Black Cat

    Shazam vs Ms. Marvel - Shazam

    Doomsday vs Juggernaut - Juggernaut - Doomsday has no magic to hurt him with.

    CHAMPION MATCH: Darkseid vs Thanos - draw

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      Marvel fag

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  • Alex
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    5 years ago

    The Thing

    Killer Frost


    Doctor Strange

    Any Flash would severely beat Quicksilver (not even a fair match)

    Martian Manhunter

    Which Green Lantern? Kyle, Guy, Hal and John would win for me.

    This one is difficult, but based on bias Nightwing

    Ghost Rider

    Doctor Doom





    Savage Hulk

    Deadpool (practically immortal that one)

    Green Arrow

    Wonder Woman




    Green Goblin



    Doomsday (not even fair)

    Thanos with the IG. Darkseid without.

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      The green lantern is hal jordan. sorry i didnt say it in the question.

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  • 5 years ago

    Bane, not because of the strength but because of his brains.

    Iceman, because of his vast training in controlling his gifts.

    Hawkgirl, she was a born warrior and she has super strength.

    Dr. Strange, this one is obvious because he's more powerful.

    Flash, he's 7 times faster than quicksilver, more experience, and more control of his powers.

    Martian Manhunter, super strength, phase shifting, and he has telepathy.

    Green Lantern, he defeats way bigger threats, more powerful, more creativity to use his powers, more control of his powers, and his power is virtually endless.

    Lex Luthor, his self esteem is too high to be beaten by someone with almost his same characteristics.

    Spider-Man, he is super fast, he has experience fighting foes with electricity based powers, he improvises as he fights.

    Batman, his training cannot be compared with anyone since he's one of the most experienced fighters in the DC universe, his physical traits are not too far apart.

    Lobo, immortal and god-like powers.

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