Where can i get a family portrait taken that offers a stand in family or spouse?

My mother has been wanting a portrait of me for her fireplace mantle for years now. I have been reluctant to get one because i am single and a picture of just me would not look right next to my brothers family portrait. I was wanting to get a stand in family or spouse to be in the portrait with me so the photo would look more balanced sitting on the mantle.

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  • 6 years ago
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    That is just plain odd! Find a photographer who can take a photo in a natural setting so there is pretty scenery behind you or some other creative setting. You do not have a family and having your picture taken with a group of strangers would simply be a lie. You are who you are and your mom wants a photo of YOU, not a bunch of strangers!

  • kiwi
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    6 years ago

    JC Penny offers portraits. I got one with my mother done and it came out great. My father got one of him and his cat... (kinda weird I guess) But if you have a pet you could take them with you.

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