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Datsun 240z first car?

My son and I are hugely into cars and he has proven to me that he can drive safely. He has been asking for 73 240z for years and a Buddy is willing to sell me one in great condition for 12000. Can you use as every day cars though?

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    ignore anonymous. they seem salty and clealy know nothing about cars and what power actually is.a 240z is a sweet car. 12000 is realllllyyyyyyyyyy steep though. youre getting ripped off by at least 2k unless the thing only has like 60k miles. as an every day car, its possible but that just depends on How he drives when youre not looking. if hes gonna be hard on the pedal like i know i was, expect something to break eventually, and then good luck with finding parts for it. they are awesome cars but parts for em would be hard to find in my opinion.

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    A 240Z is way to powerful for a new teen driver, while it is an awesome car it is not a practical car. It is certainly not a daily driver, time to think like a dad not as a teenager.

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