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Game Informer?

So i recently went to game stop and wanted to buy some games.the employee stated would i like to get a pro rewards card.So i said yes.After buying the games and getting the card.The employee said i would also get a year of game informer.I activated my account for the game stop pro card.However i don't see my 12 months of game informer .Will they send it to me or do i have to do something to get it

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    I got mine in the mail it comes every month or week I forget but I think it's every month. You don't have to do anything they will send it. For the first six months I never got one and one day I happened to be at game stop and for whatever reason noticed they had my address wrong so I corrected it with them and sure enough they started coming in the mail :) as long as your name and address is in their computer correctly no worries your game informers will start coming in the mail! :)

    Source(s): I get game informer through my GameStop card.
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    Game informer is automatic, nothing to do with activating the card. You should get the informer every month on either the 1st or the precise day you purchased the card.

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    you'll get it in the mail like other magazines unless you got the digital version. if you don't want the digital version you have to call gamestop or vice versa with the physical version.

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