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英文作文翻譯 火急~~~

Jason對於當天沒去赴約的事感到抱歉,因為睡過頭因而取消你最愛的健行,非常的對不起。 以後絕不會再犯!! 為了彌補這次的犯錯 下次的出遊我來安排。

雖然一直記得跟你有重要的約定,但還是不小心睡過頭 希望你能原諒

關於出遊我們可以周末兩天住宿 有著充分的時間在你喜歡的地方健行,順便欣賞美麗的風景讓心情放鬆一下~`~


最快今晚!!! 拜託

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    Jason, I'm really sorry that I didn't keep out appoinment just because I overslept, and had to cancled your favorite hiking date. I'm really really sorry. I swear that I'll never do that again. And I'll arrange the next date to make up for this.

    Though I've remember we had a important date today, but I still overslept, I hope that you could forgive anout this.

    About our next date, I think we can have a two-day trip, so that we'll got plenty of time to go to places that you like to hike, and enjoy the sceneries to relex a bit.

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