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為何"weep Irish"的意思是"假哭"?

在奇摩字典裡突然看到這個字"weep Irish",可是Irish不是"愛爾蘭"嗎?


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    This phrase was used by Barnaby Rich in his Irish Hubbub 1619, p.2. He wrote:

    "Stanbursh in his History of Ireland maketh this report of his countrymen: they follow the dead corpse to the ground with howling and barbarous outcries pitfall in appearance, whereof grew the proverb 'to weep Irish'. Myself am partly of this opinion, that to weep Irish is to weep at pleasure without cause or grief when it is an usual matter amongst them upon the burial of their dead to hire a company of women that for some small recompense given them they will follow the corpse and furnish out the cry with such howling that he that should but heare them and did not know the ceremony would rather think they did sing than weep"

    From the above saying, you can see it is very similar to Taiwanese's 五子哭墓.

    In that quote, some of the words are no longer in use for the modern English.

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    pitfall ==> pitifull (again this is an old English word)

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    In its original text, it used "pitifull", not "pitfall" or "pitiful". I don't think, we use "pitifull" with two " L ".

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    By the way, in my typing, it was "pitfall" because auto spell correction. I didn't type it as "pitfall", but "pitifull".

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    謝謝 大西瓜 老師 和 曲奇 大大 分享資訊~

    很久沒見 曲奇 大大 答題了...


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    想不到原來 "五子哭墓." 也不是台灣才有。17世紀,愛爾蘭就有此一風俗。


    英皇Charles II (1660) 復位,英文中就出現許多鄙夷 "Irish" 的語彙。如

    Irish understandings -- disagree

    Irish hurricane -- a dead calm

    Irish evidence -- false testimony

    weep Irish 也出現於此一時期,一直要到19世紀中,才逐漸退去。

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    詳細內容可見google book

    From the Restoration onwards the English attitude towards Ireland, and all things and persons Irish, was settling into a permanent sneer. (p.10) (p.59)

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    weep Irish 這一語彙,因帶有歧視意味,現在的人大概除了刻意調侃,是不會使用,我也懷疑有多少人知道這詞彙的意思。

    嚴僅的字典如果列出 weep Irish ,應註明 archaic

    要表達 "貓哭耗子", 英文另有 To shed crocodile tears; feign sorrow

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    pitfall 是名詞,意思為 “陷阱”,怎麼會和形容詞 pitiful 的古文扯上關係?

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