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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 7 years ago

My husband and me can't agree on baby name?

Hello. I'm 7 months pregnant and we (my husband and me) can't agree on our baby name. We don't know gender because we want it to be surprise. He's German and we currently live in Germany. My husband's chosen names:for girl-Brita, Emma.I like this names but don't get me wrong Brita is his mom's name and I don't want my child to have copied name and don't have any personality at all. If talking about name Emma,I have bad memories connected with this name. There was a girl named Emma who bullied me during school years. For boy-Lukas,Maximilian. We have like 3 Lukas' and 2 Maximilian's in our neighbourhood. I have told this reasons to my husband and all he said I am making drama..Here are my chosen names:for girl-Vanessa, Eva, Leonor(Leonora), Grace and for boy-Heinrich (Henry),Erik, Philip, Carl...How to persuade my husband to choose a normal name for our baby ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Your husband doesn't understand how important the name of the child is to the mother.

    He needs to respect your bad feelings about Emma and the name Brita

    Here are some other Germen type names for you to consider.

    Elsa Amelia I have a beautiful friend with that name

    Emily Brita

    Lucia Grace

    Gretchen Leneah

    Bridget Clair

    Greta Grace

    Leonora Brita

    Hilder Grace

    Lizbeth Grace

    Louisa Grace

    Lucia Grace

    I know a friend who I have known as a chld and an adult and her name is Greta and I love that name



    Erik Henrik

    Oscar Henry

    Karl Henrick

    Carl Henry

    Gordon Henry

    George Henrick

    Hank Gordon

    If you just didn't like the names your husband has chosen, you have negative feelings about the names. And the name of his that is asking a lot of you. Why not your mother?

    If he insists, use it as a middle name.

    I do know a couple of girls with the names Brita and they are adorable, but I understand that as a young mother you don't care to call your daughter by your mother in laws name.

    Stand firm with your hubby, maybe don't choose the name until after she is born so that the two of you can sense which name befits her. Besides, when you hold his daughter in your arms he might just be overwhelmed with love that he will honor your choices of names.

    Maybe Maximilian and call him Max

  • Bex
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    7 years ago


    Girls: Since the only names he likes end with A, you need to pair them with names that don't. Lenor/Lenora are not commonly used in Germany. They do have Leonore, but the last syllable is pronounced -rah, with again does not go with his names.

    Amelie Brita

    Adelaide Ima (a German variant of Emma)

    Philipp (German form of Philip) Max

    Lukas does not seen to work with any of the names you like.

    Try: Jorg (German form of George) Lukas

  • 7 years ago

    Your names are nicer.

    They are more diverse.Lukas,Emma and Maximilian are overused names for children (in Germany). You're not making any drama.It's normal not to like seeing how your child will share their name with plenty of other kids. I have 9 girls in my class named Andreea.Trust me,it's not fun at all.Everybody gets confused.We always have to refer to their surname or just approach them if we want to talk.We can't call their names.The teachers are even more confused. < Just tell him my experience of 9 girls with the same name in the same class

    Think of names together.Both of you are the parents.If he truly loves Brita,make it her middle name.

    *Would Grace be pronounced correct,English-like in Germany? I mean looks weird on a German.

  • 7 years ago

    He should understand, honestly. I like Grace, personally. And Eleanor is nice for a girl as well. Also, try a variant of Brita, like Brittany for example. Aric is a nice boys name, and is pronounced like Erik just a different spelling. Tell him bluntly that you want to have more common/normal names and a wider name area to choose from out of more names that you both like.

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Maybe: Philip Maximilian for a boy and Vanessa Emily for a girl.

  • 7 years ago

    Britney grace-it has brita in it.

    Malcolm henry.that is Maximillian/carl combined-sorta.

    you'll come together! blessings!

  • 7 years ago

    explain to him you're not comfortable with the names he has picked; tell him he needs to choose another name and it doesn't have to be one that you've picked out but to just keep choosing names he likes until you agree on something

  • ?
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Your names are prettier anyway.

    Vanessa (which I LOVE) and Erik (which is the name of the Phantom of the Opera)

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He should understand your reason for not wanting to pick Brita or Emma. I like Grace.

  • dcrc93
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Leonora is a fantastic name love it


    Henry Lucas

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