The definition of the phrases

What is the definition of these phrases? (in Chinese)

1.get you hooked on

2.has something new

3.a compilation of

4.provide a window into

5.take a closer look

6.springs to mind

7.has no shortage of

8.heritage preservation

9.soaking up

10.etched onto

11.put the spotlight on

12.take you long

13.devoted to dedicated to packed to

16.sits beneath the

17.trek up

18.purification ritual reached by open to



and also some example sentence of this phrases , thx !!!

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    1.get you hooked on - 使你耽於 / 沉迷

    2.has something new - 有一些新的東西 / 有點新意

    3.a compilation of - 彙集

    4.provide a window into - 洞察

    5.take a closer look - 细看

    6.springs to mind - 突然想到

    7.has no shortage of - 多得是

    8.heritage preservation - 文物保护

    9.soaking up - 吸收

    10.etched onto - 蚀刻到 ... 之上

    11.put the spotlight on - 对之特别关注

    12.take you long - 花時 devoted to - 忠於 dedicated to - 致力於 packed to - 包裝

    16.sits beneath the - 坐在...之下

    17.trek up - 攀登

    18.purification ritual - 淨化儀式 reached by... - 用(...方法)可達到 / 用...可聯絡 open to - 對...開放

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    你已經知道這些字的解釋,只要你輸入字串Google search,你可以看到人家怎樣運用這些字,例證多的是。你先試試在網上找找。如果還有那些找不到的,我再給你幫忙。



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