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Has religion as a whole done more bad than good over the course of human history?

Please be specific.

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  • janhoi
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    Your probably gonna have many Atheists on this forum saying that religion has done nothing but evil. But when we look at the history of religion, it has a mixed record(like any human endeavour in history).

    Speaking for the Christian religion, here are a list of bad and good things people have done in the name of Christianity




    -Salem Witch Trials

    -Residential Schools in America and Canada(Stolen Generation in Australia)

    -Galileo Affair

    -Terrible history of Christian Antisemitism

    -Wars of Religion(Protestants and Catholics)


    -Institutional Sexism


    -Catholic Church created the first institutions of higher learning in Western Culture(Cambridge, Oxford, Salamanca)

    -Some of the greatest works of art and literature inspired by the Church and religious spirituality(Michelangelo Final Judgement scene, Dante's Divine Comedy)

    -The fact that Church leaders lead the first human rights movement in defense of the indigenous population against Spanish colonization( Father Bartolome de las Casas, Franscico De Vitoria, Antonio de Montesinos)

    -The fact that Church leaders lead the fight for the abolition of the slave trade(John Wesley, William Wilberforce, Underground railroad movement, the fact that the leaders of slave uprisings like Nat Turner's or Samuel Sharpe's in Jamaica's were Church leaders)

    -The Role of Church leaders like MLK and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60's

    -The Role of Church leaders like Archbishop Desmond Tutu during the Anti Apartheid struggle

    -The Role of the Catholic Church and Pope John Paul II bringing about the end of Communism in Poland and Eastern Europe

    -The Role of the Catholic Church in promoting human rights during the Indonesian occupation and genocide of East Timor during the 80's and 90's

    There is a lot more I could mention. Feel free to respond

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  • Grace
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    I don't see ANY good in the Abrahamic religions - once I delve beneath the shallow surface.

    take the alleged good of Catholic Charity. It's legendary. But if you go into the history of money, you will find that EVERY problem that can be fixed with money is caused by money, then the good works aren't so good, are they?

    Look also at how that money is used. In Africa, for example, there are entire villages with no adults present. They all died of AIDS. Many of the children were born with AIDS and are sick. Catholic Charities are there to help the sick, but they will not help any organization that promotes condom use. Condom use is not culturally acceptable, just as it was not culturally acceptable when it was first introduced to America as a way to protect ourselves. But the Catholic Church that is growing in Africa says that it's better to die of AIDS than to use a condom. Is that really good?

    The global culture is nothing more than feudalism, and that is not good. It is protected by the church that plays an important role in the feudal culture.

  • James
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    It's pretty hard to answer a question like this without being general. One cannot generalize religion's influence in our world - you simply can't.

    It has had numerous positive impacts as well as negative ones. Religion has always played a positive role in maintaining morale, it aids in an overall sense of nationalism (i.e. the Ottoman empire at its peak, as well as the Holy Roman Empire at its peak), and it helps foster a sense of community for those communities that have a majority religion. Local religious groups typically aid their communities immensely as well; this holds true from Buddhists in Eastern Asia to Christians in the US.

    Admittedly, there seems to be more negative caused by religion. Some examples include the Crusades and other religious conflicts, abuse caused by forced conversions (the Spanish "Black Legend" and the Conquistadors), intolerance (inquisitions, prejudice, and closed-mindedness), and backwards thinking (Middle Age suppression of science for example).

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    Come on, really? Much more bad. Specifics?


    Spanish Inquisition

    Salem witch trials


    etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

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