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Names for my twins?

I'm having twins, a boy and a girl. My husbands name is Gregory and we're naming our son after him, but we need a middle name. If we weren't naming him Gregory, I love the name Colton Bryce. My husband really likes Lola Sophia for our daughter, but I can't decide if I like it enough to actually name my child that. Some names I think are pretty are Kylie, Emma Belle, Maya, Claire, Josie or Jacie, Guinevere and Aurora. Are these names too common or dated? Which do you like best, and what other suggestions do you have? Also, we live in the south where its very common to call a child by its middle and first name so I want them to sound great together. Thanks!

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    Gregory is a fantastic name! Here are some middle name suggestions:

    ✧ Gregory Jude

    ✧ Gregory Isaac

    ✧ Gregory Adam

    ✧ Gregory James

    ✧ Gregory Samuel

    ✧ Gregory Caleb

    ✧ Gregory Joseph

    ✧ Gregory Francis

    ✧ Gregory Thomas

    ✧ Gregory Andrew

    ✧ Gregory Declan

    ✧ Gregory Michael

    ✧ Gregory Owen

    For girls, personally I absolutely adore the name Lola. Its one of my favorites. Lola is so sweet and charming, plus its beautiful with a bit of spunk. I'm fine with Sophia as the middle name too, I think it sounds pretty with it. Out of your names you like- I dislike Kylie, as its too trendy right now and its very cutesy, I can't see it aging well. I dislike Emma Belle, since Emma is the #2 girls name right now, its just so overused, and I'm not a fan of double barreled first names. Maya is pretty, its actually my favorite of the list, although I still prefer Lola. Claire I find a bit plain, though I do love Clara. Josie is a lovely nickname for Josephine, but on its own its far too cutesy and masculine in my opinion. Jacie is just trendy, childish, and unattractive. I dislike Guinevere, while I appreciate it as a historical sounding name, it sounds extremely harsh and quite dated- I would much prefer a softer name like Gwendolen, or Genevieve. Aurora is fine, though it isn't my cup of tea. It just doesn't really appeal to me, and I find the double R sound to be a tongue twister when said out loud.

    My suggestions : (of course you can mix up the middle names if you like any, I just decided to do one per name)

    ✧ Gregory & Laura Noelle

    ✧ Gregory & Clara Genevieve

    ✧ Gregory & Ruby Eloise

    ✧ Gregory & Josephine Lucy

    ✧ Gregory & Abigail Daphne

    ✧ Gregory & Madeleine Belle

    ✧ Gregory & Elena Violet

    ✧ Gregory & Cassandra Bridget

    ✧ Gregory & Audrey Francesca

    ✧ Gregory & Lily Katherine

    ✧ Gregory & Anneliese Mary

    ✧ Gregory & Lauren Veronica

    Good luck!

    ♡ ~ ✗○, Αɴɴɴᴀʙᴇʟ

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    Gregory paul gets my vote!

    Lola Sophia is great!

    emma belle-no,just no!

    Guinevere reminds me of the Munsters or something.Its just too old,dated,etc.

    Claire is great!

    kylie is just okay.

    aurora is lovely.Not sure I'd name my baby that though.

    clara is a terrific name! clara anne sounds great!

    kylie marie sounds great,if you really prefer it.

    How about Emma Jo? that sounds like a southern name to me. Sadie JoEllen? Sandy Jo(Ellen).

    Aurora charlotte sounds very classic!

    I'd name them Gregory paul/emma Claire if they were 2nd choice would be lola Sophia!

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    Lola Sophia? Please don't. Sophia is way too popular and the only Lola I've ever heard of was in love with Bugs Bunny. Go with Kylie, I love that. Gregory is good too.

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    Lola Sophia is pretty but are you Italian/Spanish in any way? If not, it's a little much.

    Gregory Samuel

    Gregory Benjamin

    Gregory James

    Gregory Charles

    Gregory Phillip

    I like: Emma, Claire, Guinevre (Gwen) and Aurora (Rorie, Aurie)

    Kylie is cute but just ok. I think Lola Claire is perfect

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    Dora & Diego

    Ren & Stimpy

    Chucky & Angelica

    Barbie & Ken

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    AnSweeden and AlSweeden

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    bert and ernie

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