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Where to look for jobs in GOLDEN VALLEY mn or nearby!?

Hello! I'm trying to move to golden valley minnesota. I do NOT have a car, just so you know, it makes job hunting harder

i need a job asap. Like, VERY soon.

Someone please help me. What sources can i use online to help me find a job, and please, dont say craigslist because that's just a scam waiting to happen. no thanks.

I want real legit resources but i cant find any. Like, do they have a department of labor i can contact? Where can i work? I'm 21, GREAT people skills and can lift a lot of weight..and i have lots of energy. Someone please PLEASE help me.

1 Answer

  • Hugo90
    Lv 7
    6 years ago

    Realistically, you have to be there to get a job there. They have a local labor pool that will make your long distance application pretty worthless.

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