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How can I become a singer?

I'm 15 years old, and I want to be a singer. Am I too late to become a singer? What are some tips?

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    At age 15, you are not too late to consider a career as a singer. There are professional singers, who had worked several years in a non-music-related field before they decided to follow their dream and become a singer at age 30.

    The first step is to take voice lessons from a qualify voice teacher.

    Here are some tips about finding a voice teacher:

    The teacher has an excellent ear, and carefully listens to, and gives you accurate feedback about your voice.

    Has an understanding of vocal anatomy, including the respiratory muscles, the larynx and throat structures, and how they affect singing.

    Allows you to tape record lessons or exercises in the lesson for take-home practice. Provides you with written exercises when needed.

    Is professional in conduct yet personable. You should feel comfortable with this person. You should feel free to ask questions.

    While being emotionally supportive, he or she should be able to challenge you to grow as a singer at the same time.

    The teacher should be able to explain to you in depth why you are doing each exercise that he or she gives you.

    If available go to a recital where this teacher's students are performing. If they mostly sound great then this is probably a very good indication of a competent voice teacher.

    Avoid teachers who only take on students who are already professional vocalists. A good teacher can train any voice and would enjoy the challenge of doing so.

    The teacher shows genuine interest in you as a singer.

    The teacher understands vocal health issues including the need to drink water and monitor the speaking voice

    Addresses the need to relax those tensions/muscles that can block good vocal production and vocal freedom.

    Is emotionally stable and does not intimidate or talk down to you.

    Your voice feels easier and more resonant when working together

    Here are some tips about how to become a singer:

    Be determined and persistent. There's a lot of competition out there - thousands of people want the fame and fortune of a successful singing career. Most successful singers spend years working on their voices and playing low-paying gigs before they make it big. Don't lose sight of your goal, and resolve to be patient.

    Start with one good song that you sing great. Once you got that work on your next best song. Before you know it, you'll have a whole night covered, a gig of good stuff.

    If you don't write your own songs, pick good covers. A lot of singers don't write their own songs, and that's OK. Particularly when you're first starting out, you want people to pay more attention to the quality of your voice than the quality of your songwriting. Build up a "set list" of 10 to 15 covers you know you can really knock out of the park, and practice getting better at them.

    Sing in public whenever possible. Book as many gigs as you can to get your voice out there - you never know who will be listening in the audience. Sing at private parties, county fairs, store openings, rodeos, sporting events, talent shows, karaoke nights, and anywhere else that will have you, paid or not. Even if you don't get spotted by a talent agent right away, you're practicing your stage presence and getting used to being in front of a crowd.

    Start a YouTube channel. Some people have actually managed to become famous through posting videos of themselves singing on YouTube.

    Become a publicity hound. Eat, breathe, and sleep attention. Look for photo ops. Speak up. Swipe up any chance to shake up the spotlight. Make yourself known.

    Network. Be in the places where successful musicians/producers meet (clubs, dance halls) and act like you're part of the industry, even if they don't know who you are. Go to a city known for music (such as Nashville, Memphis, New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Austin or Las Vegas) and mix it up with the local musicians.

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    Congratulations. Your and 95% of the billions of people on this planet want to be a singer.

    Only the best of the best AND the very very lucky actually manage to make a living off of their singing .. and we aren't even talking about being famous or rich.

    If you want to be a singer, start taking singing lessons (private lessons) now. Keep it up for at least another 5 years. AND make sure you get job training or a degree/diploma/certificate in something you CAN make money at, because it is almost certain that is where you will be making money for food, shelter, clothing, medical/dental, etc.

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    Join a choir, make a youtube, go to open mics, collaberate with differnt artists, go to school for it, do a singing competition... etc... There's lots of ways and you're not too old

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