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Why were there no main white characters in the Cosby Show?

As a white person who just started watching and a (FORMER!) fan of Bill Cosby, I am deeply offended. Donald Sterling this. Ray Rice that. Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, WHATEVER! THIS IS A MUCH BIGGER ISSUE THAT NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT AND I AM PISSED OFF (excuse my language) THAT NOBODY EVER MENTIONS IT! Fox News gets close, but MSNBC, NBC News, and CNN fail to even briefly talk about what a racist bigot Bill Cosby is and ridiculousness of his crimes. Please someone tell me I missed something, because every time I see the credits at the beginning of the show it's like a solar eclipse: black, black, black and not even a single dot of white.

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    I highly doubt Bill Cosby or anyone on that show was trying to be racist. One is that there had been plenty of family comedy shows of white family with no black main cast members so why is it a controversy that there is a black family with not many white main cast members? Were they trying to set a statement by having an all black family on tv? A bit yes but I don't think it was just about race. If you think about it, not a lot of episodes were based on race or black people being treated unequal or race jokes (which back then race jokes were highly inappropriate unlike today). The Cosby Show did not bring race as the main topic on the shows. For the most part, it was about a black family who loved each other and was functional but the tv show also focused on comedy and good tv and not race.

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    So are you offended by any of the all-white TV shows from the early 1990s? How about Full House? Golden Girls? Cheers? Or about 20 others? Because the Cosby Show was about the only one with any black characters at all.

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    Patrick.....,get. a. life.!!. a REAL cosby show fan wouldn't even care about sumthing like that. it's called tv.

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    So it offended you not seeing a white-person..... and you're calling other people racist?

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