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Makeup essentials?

I'm in 7th grade and I starting out with makeup I do have acne so I don't have perfect skin I was wondering if u can give me a list of products I should start with with there price if possible, can u give me a list of drugstore essentials and then a list of high end? Pls include brushes and other things I might need when I get older and start wearing more makeup

Pls no hate


Ps I have pale skin dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes if that helps

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    "Makeup Essentials" differ for everyone, and is a list made up from those who have lots of experience with different products, their makeup, and the different looks they can create with makeup. For me, my makeup essentials list is definitely more limited and does better for my skin and what works better for me, but hopefully this will translate positively for you.

    Do note, this is makeup we're talking about. In skincare, there are no "essentials".

    #1: SKIN.

    Whether it's a BB in the winter, a concealer for the summer, and a CC for whenever else, having a product or two for the face really helps. The face is the foundation, the starting point, for all things, so no matter how amazing your eyes may look and how lucious your lips will turn out to be, without a good foundation, it will all come shattering down.

    If you have perfect skin, it shouldn't take much or any makeup, if possible, but if there are problems, have a face product that isn't a foundation (mineral excluded), or exceeds over the amount of two.

    BB for slightly drier skins, and to even out the skin tone. Mineral makeup for slightly oilier skins, and to even out skin tone. Concealer for redness or acne spots (stick for oilier skins, cream for drier skins, liquid for versatility). CC or Colour Correcting Primer for combination skins, and to minimally even out skin tone without making it look like you're wearing ANY makeup.

    No silicone primers or heavy foundations, and you're good to go. Pick one or two of all those listed above and apply over your face.

    Almay Wake Me Up Mineral Makeup; Garnier BB Cream; Laniege BB Cushion; Lioele Perfect Concealer; Maybelline Fit Me Concealer; Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer; Olay 7-in-1 CC Cream.

    #2: FLUSH.

    You can decide what texture, what product, but the colour should stay around the same. Peach, apricot, and coral are universally flattering shades. Lips and cheeks, choose the same shade, and play around with some colours. Pale skin tones can go well with anything. Medium skin tones should stick with tangerines, corals. Deeper skin tones can opt. for darker options, or pinks. Avoid drastically deeper colours that clash with skin tone or look too obvious as that will result in a more dramatic appearance.

    For multitasking, use a lip stain or gel over the lips and cheeks. Or you can use seperate products depending on your skin type and your preferred finish. There are creams, powders, and gels. Use one that matches your previous base (creams over creams, powders over powders, gels over liquids).

    Slim cheeks should add some pastel matte pink or pale rose OVER the cheeks, right under the eyes in a patting motion. Chubbier cheeks should enhance more of that glow and add a matte or luminous blush right on the apples, very slightly. For a more balanced look, look straight into the mirror and add a matte shade right around the face line, blending towards the cheeks and you'll find yourself receiving a nice flush.


    Even if it's transparent, it doesn make a difference.

    For some others, it would be black or brown mascara, but I'm leaving it at clear mascara for beginners. Black mascara, personally, looks weirdy and sketchy over my eyelashes no matter how I wear it. Most of the time it smudges as my eyes are shaped in a way so that the upper edge of my lashes make contact with my eyelid skin, and no matter what expensive Lancome mascara I use, no matter what of my "favourites" I use like Maybelline or Benefit, it will ALWAYS smudge without a doubt so clear mascara is the choice for me.

    Besides, with having dark eyelashes and strong bangs to frame the face, mascara over eyelashes really aren't needed. But it's fun to put on a couple coats of clear mascara in the morning.

    Really good duo product for the brows as well.

    #4: CLASSICS.

    Now, this is less "essential", but still pretty essential to me. Having the 3 classics with you at all times is a plus. These 3 classics are most typically going to be something for the eyes. For me, they're powder eyeshadows.

    For others? Lipsticks.

    One product in one formula but having 3 shades (about) seems to be quite an "essential" thing for others. Depending on what you want to enhance and what you need on your face, you can pick your own colours to protray your image and face. For me, it's a taupe eyeshadow that I can blend over the eyes and use as a eyebrow powder, a soft rosy pearl to give my eyes an elegant shimmer, and a champagne shimmer that helps highlight my eyes and make them more awake.

    Those are the four "makeup essentials" that I'll give you.

    No brushes are needed. Cosmetic sponges from the dollar store are enough.

    Hoped this helped :D

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    well tbh i dont really know any higher end products cuz i dont use any aha, but i think you should just use concealor, mascara and eyeliner. But if you really want you can also use foundation with your daily make up look too to have better coverage for your acne. Hope you liked my advice! :)

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    maybelline and loreal r both preetty good

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