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Closing my Wells Fargo account?

So I opened a college account at Wells Fargo about a month ago, but now i'm planning on switching to Chase because for their college checking account, there's no minimum balance. And since I'm not working, that's a good deal for me! Wells Fargo is making me have at least $500 in my account within 3 months and I don't have that type of cash right now.

So I was just wondering,

1) Will i be charged for closing my account early?

2) What type of information would I have to give when closing my account?


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    If you have no outstanding transactions for the Wells Fargo Bank checking account you want to close, empty (withdraw) the remaining funds in the checking account, bringing the balance to zero. The send an email request to the Wells Fargo Bank for them to close the checking account. Another option is to go in a Wells Fargo Bank branch and have the teller at the counter close your checking account. The teller will complete the action and hand you the balance of funds which remained in the now closed checking account. When Wells Fargo Bank asks why you are closing the checking account, keep the answer simple; "No longer need the account" would work, or "Too many service charges and fees" is another.

    This July 2014 updated article link indicates the Wells Fargo Bank does not have a closure fee for an account which has only been open a few months or even weeks.


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    tried to close my account and won't let me

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